Your Dad Won’t Call an Exterminator – GEICO Spy (Video)

This post is for my children. It explains why their Dad doesn’t just call the pest control people…

GEICO’s recent commercial, “Spy – It’s What You Do,” features a Bond-style hero who is interrupted by a phone call from his mom. (Be sure to watch for the squirrels as they run around in mom’s yard)

Well the squirrels are back in the attic. Your dad won’t call an exterminator. He says its personal this time.
– Geico ‘Spy’s Mom’ Commercials –

At the Arizona House, The Car Guy is waging his own war on critters. Their attack on hearth and home is personal, and he is determined he will outwit them.

Roof tiles with steel wool ‘stuffing’

A dozen or so bats have made their home under the roof tiles on the back patio. The bats aren’t really the issue. The bat droppings on the patio and the island counter top are the problem.

The Car Guy’s  first plan of attack was to stuff steel wool into the holes. He waited until the bats went out at night, then inserted the steel wool and some bat repellent. But when the bats returned, they simply moved down the roof a few feet. Now The Car Guy has installed one of those electronic sound devices that interferes with their echolocation. He hopes this will encourage them to live and hunt elsewhere.

On the other side of the house, something has taken up residence under the paving stones at the front door.

Under the front door sill – digger at work

The Car Guy has not been successful in trapping the digger who is excavating there. Whatever the critter is, more gravel comes out than The Car Guy can stuff back in…

This time… it’s personal.
– Jaws, The Revenge, 1987 –

What pests have you encountered in or near your home? Were you successful in evicting them?

18 thoughts on “Your Dad Won’t Call an Exterminator – GEICO Spy (Video)

  1. We had a nice back yard in Michigan and we had a lot of bird feeders . . . that attracted all sorts of critters, and I bought a number of live traps for the groundhogs, skunks, and occasional opossum. The village where I lived had free pest removal service: I trapped them, they came to pick them up.

    After a few years, I received a notice that they would no longer come and empty my traps because the bird feeding would just keep attracting more.

    So, I would trap the critters, and then drop them off where I worked, about 20 miles away. That included chipmunks. I like the little scamps, but they are not flowerbed friendly.

    So, yes, I was successful in evicting the ones I trapped . . . but more would always take their place.

    Here, in Colorado, they discourage bird feeding because the feeders attract bears, and I don’t want to trap bears.

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    1. I can appreciate your chipmunk problem. It appears that our ‘digger’ might be a squirrel. He has evaded our traps so far!


  2. I lived most of my life in Oklahoma where field mice were the only problem. They’d come into the garage in the fall, seeking warmth. Usually I just put some D-Con in several places (where pets couldn’t get to it) around the garage and that solved the problem. Here in Colorado the only problem I’ve had so far is rabbits coming into the backyard to munch on my lawn. It would be no problem at all if they’d spread out a bit, but they seem to limit themselves to one spot near the gate (which gaps enough to let them in). I guess that makes for a quick escape if I let the dog out, but it means a perpetual brown area where they dine. I should have the gate fixed ($$$). But they’re so cute, I really don’t begrudge them a little grass.


    1. We have always had a mouse problem, and, like you, have removed numerous ‘Mickeys’. We trap them with peanut butter bait. We have rabbits here in Arizona, but no lawn, so they munch on the lower branches of a few bushes, but that is about it.


    1. A wasps nest (often found under the deck where we BBQ) calls for action that I’m not brave enough to take!


  3. Kudos to the Car Guy! No varmint can ever outwit a determined homeowner. It may take decades, but we always prevail!


    1. As I write this, The Car Guy is still in bed, undoubtedly resting up for, and planning his assault on the digger at the front door.


    1. In Alberta we have flies, mostly. I would just swat them or vacuum them up. In Arizona, we have sticky traps in each room. These catch crickets, spiders and scorpions!


  4. HAHAHAHA!!! I can really relate to this – Husband vs the Critters. Raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, the birds who built nests in our awning … it DOES get personal!!

    I wish I had thought to grab a camera the night he was on the roof of the house at 3 am with broom trying to shush away a mama raccoon who was trying to rip off one of our roof vents to get into the attic to have her babies.

    … or the mommy groundhog who would sunbathe on the deck of the pool until she heard the back door open. If it was me, she’d continue sunbathing. If it was Husband, she’d run for her hole dug under the deck.

    Ah, yes – good times :/


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