Birds, Bees and Squirrels – Dinnertime in the Desert

Dinnertime – does it mean lunch to you, or is it supper?


An American Kestrel with a Fresh Protein Bar

Arizona cactus insect pollen

A Bumblebee at the ‘Pollen Bar’

Arizona golden barrel cactus

A Harris Ground Squirrel with ‘Spiked Golden Barrel Fruit’

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is – Dinnertime


  1. English being my second language, dinner is the evening meal as that is the translation to and from Italian for the evening meal. Lunch is a different word.

    . . . and I never use the word “supper” – except, you know, right now on this comment. Even when I hear it said, supper is automatically translated to dinner in my head.


    • Our family uses dinner as a term for a more formal meal, and supper as the routine evening meal. We’d have friends over for dinner, but we’d call the kids in from playing to have supper.


    • Good one – and I just had to find out the source of that quote!

      “”Call me anything you like, but don’t call me too late for/to dinner” is an old joke that has been cited in print since at least 1833. A farce by Richard Jones called Too Late for Dinner played London in 1820, but it’s not known if this play has anything to do with the joke.”
      – BARRY POPIK – The Big Apple website –

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