20 thoughts on “Birds, Bees and Squirrels – Dinnertime in the Desert

    1. That is what it is for us too. I’ve read that dinner generally refers to the biggest meal of the day. For some, like farming families, the noon meal is the largest, and is called dinner.


  1. English being my second language, dinner is the evening meal as that is the translation to and from Italian for the evening meal. Lunch is a different word.

    . . . and I never use the word “supper” – except, you know, right now on this comment. Even when I hear it said, supper is automatically translated to dinner in my head.


    1. Our family uses dinner as a term for a more formal meal, and supper as the routine evening meal. We’d have friends over for dinner, but we’d call the kids in from playing to have supper.


    1. Good one – and I just had to find out the source of that quote!

      “”Call me anything you like, but don’t call me too late for/to dinner” is an old joke that has been cited in print since at least 1833. A farce by Richard Jones called Too Late for Dinner played London in 1820, but it’s not known if this play has anything to do with the joke.”
      – BARRY POPIK – The Big Apple website –

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    1. Thanks Pam. I’m looking forward to following your blog too – very appropriate as I am at Room 2 of the great ‘simplify, de-clutter’ spring cleaning project!

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