Wishing for Weather – I Said Rain – not Snow!

Towards the end of our stay in Arizona, I saw a TV commercial that made me long for a rainy day. An off road vehicle was driving up a winding mountain road. A light rain was falling. I remembered how fresh the air could feel and how wonderful the forest could smell after a rain!  In contrast, Phoenix Arizona was dry desert heat that could possibly fry an egg on the hood of the neighbour’s car.

gnarled trees blue sky

A few days later, we were on our way back to Alberta. Our first stop was the Grand Canyon. We arrived late in the afternoon, and spent several hours walking along the rim taking pictures.

storm clouds

Dark clouds to both the east and west hinted that a storm was brewing. My rainy day was very near!

I woke the next morning (my birthday) to a steady drizzle. I marveled that The Car Guy was able to deliver such a great present on my birthday. As we drove back to the Grand Canyon, I got whiffs of fresh air and fragrant forest.

We parked the car, put on rain coats, and walked quickly over to the rim.  Surprise! The Canyon was, for all intents and purposes, gone… I was really glad I had got my vista pictures the previous day.

snow blizzard

There was no reason to stay at the Canyon, so we drove east along the rim road. The rain turned to snow. As we dropped in elevation, the snow became rain. Eventually the rain stopped for a while – then we drove through a heavy hail storm. Apparently my birthday present was a gift of all the weather I had NOT had in Arizona for several months!

snow pink flower

The QuipperyDays later in Alberta, we were greeted with an early blooming season thanks to a warm, dry spring. I threw caution to the wind, and did a rain dance…  We got snow.

A rainy day – do you carry an umbrella? Do you put up the hood of your rain jacket? Do you just get wet, because, after all, rain won’t make you melt into the puddle.

21 thoughts on “Wishing for Weather – I Said Rain – not Snow!

    1. That is what it is like in many parts of Arizona too! The locals say, “A three-inch rain in Phoenix means three inches between drops.”


  1. You got a pretty nifty gift for your birthday of all four seasons in such a short time. Although, after you got settled, it sounds like you needed to adjust the choreographed moves of your rain dance… or better yet, write them down and sell them as a snow dance. I bet there’s oodles of school kids that wish for snow at all times of the year. 🙂


    1. Yes, I have seen a lot of interesting weather this past few weeks. Here in the Calgary area, snow is possible 10 months of the year. The upside to climate change is that some of that snow might now come down as rain!


  2. Rain, especially in a pine forest, smells so good! Or even just wafting across the prairie to announce an approaching storm. I try to prepare with a rain jacket with a hood — so much more convenient than an umbrella, especially if wrestling groceries, packages, etc. But I keep an umbrella in the car, just in case.


    1. Rain jackets with hoods are so handy! I have a couple breathable rain jackets that I can layer over a fleece jacket. Good gear for at least three of our four seasons!


    1. It was overcast about an hour north of Phoenix when we left, so that system might have been the one that brought you rain! Sorry we missed it.


    1. My daughter says that a lot too – but she works for the Canadian Division of Helly Hansen. I think it is part of their corporate philosophy, naturally!

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