Mysterious Baskets and Magic Gas Tanks

The QuipperyThe Car Guy says we have a mysterious laundry basket at our house too. On the flip side, I have a car with a magic gas tank! When the tank is almost empty, I just put the car in the garage, and the next time I drive it, the tank is full again!

Have you experienced any inexplicable events like this?


  1. After about 25 minutes of ROFLOL at your joke, I realized that yes, there is a strange phenomenon at our house. All the toilet paper rolls in the bathrooms go from empty to full on their own! Cue the Twilight Zone music..

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    • My husband thought we had a magic bed too. When he retired from his job, I explained to him that the last one out of the bed makes the bed and since he was now that person, he would be making the bed. His idea of making a bed is very different than mine…


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