Unofficial WordPress Undiscovered Club

Maybe you remember “The Never Been Freshly Pressed” Club (NBFP). I started it in 2013 because there were so many of us  bloggers who had never been ‘pressed‘. (‘Freshly Pressed’ was a WordPress magazine, of sorts, that featured the writings of every day bloggers.)

discover-badge-circle‘Freshly Pressed’ has been allowed to die. It has been replaced by Discover – a slick, modern online magazine. The editors select content from about  53 million posts per month, so the chances of your post being chosen are still quite slim, but if you do get selected, you get to put a badge on your sidebar!

After almost seven years of blogging, I believe I have demonstrated an inability to be slick or modern – therefore I am, by extension, Undiscoverable. For that reason, I think I can safely form the Undiscovered Club, and proclaim myself  President of the Canadian chapter. Should he accept, Al at thecvillean is my choice for President of the American chapter. (He is current President of NBFP.)

If you would like to join our club, use the comment section below to state your unqualifications (first, and foremost, you must never have been featured on Discover.) You may also decide to volunteer for a position of your choice.

You might want to download the Unfeatured Undiscovered Club Badge to display on your blog. (I put mine on my ‘About’ page, along with all my other unprestigious awards.)

Be sure to tell all your Undiscovered blogging friends about our new Club!

In keeping with our general philosophy of “undeserved unknownness“, I refer you to this post that demonstrates the virtues of ‘unning’:
Unsubscribe, Unfollow, Unclutter – It’s UnFriday!

20 thoughts on “Unofficial WordPress Undiscovered Club

    1. Anyone who has lived in the south of England and Qatar (both places I have lived) is a welcome member of the club! Did you want to be President of the England chapter – or perhaps Queen?


  1. Well, count me in. I never was ‘Freshly Pressed’ and I doubt I’ll ever be listed in ‘Discover’.
    my blog’s not hardly a blip on the radar scope in a sea of multi-millions.
    I think you’re clever and insightful. I figure you’ll be on the ‘Discover’ list someday. 🙂

    I’m going to post your ‘Unfeatured Undiscovered Club Badge’ in my sidebar with a link to your post. I think I’ve earned a WP badge of some sort after all these years. Thanks so much. 😉


    1. Welcome to the club, E.C. You are so creative, and your blog is a Joy! No wonder you named it what you did!
      I doubt I will ever be ‘Discovered’. My semi-annual bouts of outrage at something WordPress has done probably means I am on a no-go list of some sort.
      Enjoy your Club Badge!

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  2. I too have consistently demonstrated an inability to be slick or modern – therefore I too am, Undiscoverable … hopelessly undiscoverable.

    Your new club made me smile. I feel the love.


    1. We’re Canadians. We’re used to being overlooked…
      By the way, a new Destination marketing campaign here in Canada is trying to change perceptions of what Canada is. Their internal motto is, ‘Canada’s not cold, it’s cool.’


  3. I have really tried to be slick and modern but the results are, well, embarrassing. To be accepted as a member of the Undiscovered Club might stop me madly seeking mass popularity. I will attempt to put the Club Badge on my site though my technical skills are anything but slick and modern …


    1. I’m not sure I was ever slick and modern! Mass popularity – don’t think that will ever happen on my blog either. I think the most my blog will ever be is my gift to a few people who stumble in and find something they can use. That seems much more valuable than mindless consumption from some large mass!

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    1. Your robots are, obviously, very good – you were ‘Freshly Pressed’ many times! I’m surprised you haven’t been ‘Discovered’ yet!


  4. I still remember how excited I was to discover the NBFP Club. I believe I found it in a comment exchange on one of the Daily Post’s posts. I heard there would be tea and biscuits. Not long after I joined, WP Freshly Pressed me. And then not long after that they discontinued FP. My new blue decoration was out of vogue before the paint had dried.

    So, I can I start the Australian chapter of Undiscovered?

    (Sorry it took me a while to discover this post. I am the anti-slick.)

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    1. Welcome to the Club! Pleased you will form the Australian chapter. We can now officially declare we have strong representation in four major countries!

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