Whatever Floats Your Boat – The Magic of Water

H2O – Water as Snowflakes
Autumn in Alberta. Like any other season here in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the weather can be unpredictable. The first snowfall of the season can be early, or it can be late, but it is rarely welcome for adults. It often causes a delay in harvesting. It invariably results in highway accidents – road conditions deteriorate before  winter driving skills kick in.

Our first snowfall was a few days ago. A foggy, snowy photo is not a cheery sight, but suitably moody.

H2O – Water as Ice
A few days later the sun returned and the garden was transformed into a wonderland coated with ice. You can see these photos at Frozen Leaves Encased in Ice.

H2O – Water as Water
You could also wander over to meet the incredibly cute Northern Cardinal that took a bath in my sprinkler: A Wet Northern Cardinal.

So why this new blog?
The simple answer is, I had enough material to create specialty blogs for the things that interest me the most.  So I moved a bunch of posts to this new home. The other stuff stays at my old blog, which is being renovated.

As moves go, it has been quite straight forward, though time consuming. WordPress provides an ‘Export’ tool for that. Unfortunately, the export is hit or miss in the media department, so it has taken a bit of time to move the missing photos.

Do you have more than one blog? If you were going to split your blog up, what interests would move to a new home?

All the water photos were my contribution to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge which is H2O.

17 thoughts on “Whatever Floats Your Boat – The Magic of Water

  1. Prior to 2007, I had several different blogs. As I recall, I was trying to keep politics, religion, and humor and everyday life separate. I drove myself nuts with indecision about where to put what post, and making design decisions and tweaks for each one. So I imported them all into my one WordPress blog. I do worry sometimes about the clash between, say, a serious political post one day and a humorous video the next, but it’s a lot easier for me to manage. I did start a separate blog last year to detail my cancer experience. I just didn’t want to include something so serious and personal with my regular posts.


    1. Yes, I read your Cancer blog, and thought it was perfect because it kept all the cancer narratives in one place.
      The WordPress Dashboard lets me handle comments for all the blogs on one page. The Switch Site tab lets me quickly move from blog to blog, and I can open them on individual tabs.
      I’ve decided to use the same theme on all the blogs, and by putting a link to each one on the menu tabs, all the blogs mesh together, as far as the Reader is concerned!


      1. You’ve done a lovely job of seamlessly interlinking your blogs. Either what you’ve done was not possible in 2007, or I simply didn’t think to do it (likely the latter).


        1. I think WordPress has come a long way since 2007! I expect it is much easier to work with multiple blogs under one user name now than it was when you were trying to juggle blogs!


  2. Living in a country that doesn’t really have much snow, I find the thought of it exciting, but it must be annoying when you have so much, and for so long. I find it time consuming enough doing one blog – I’m not sure I would cope with two (or more!). However, if I were to move some things to another one then I think the other one would be to do with travel probably.


    1. Our first snow is actually kind of fun. The novelty, however, wears off quickly! If it didn’t get so cold out, it would be more bearable.
      I’m finding the new blogs quite liberating. I don’t think about how boring bird posts can be to non-birders. I don’t think about how some readers are grossed out by spiders! I don’t hesitate to post lots of flower photos when, for many people, one would be more than enough!


  3. I actually do have multiple blogs I created by splitting my current blog — photography, fiction, opinions, and culture (meaning entertainment and life in general) — but when it came to actually sort new posts into their respective slots, I could not do it. There’s also the fact that I pay for certain features and didn’t feel I wanted to multiply my yearly coast by a multiple of five. The individual blogs sit there, now out of date, visible only to me.

    To each their own, obviously, but I prefer my current mishmash reflective of the chaotic nature of life and of our own unfocused interest. That said, don’t go by me; I’m lucky if I get 10-20 views a day (5 actual visitors). Although, that could be reflective of reasons independent of the way my blog is organized.

    I’ve seen the multiple blogs work when a “point” page housed all of the entries and clicking on them would take you to the corresponding blog. Good luck in successfully splitting up your efforts.


    1. I know what you mean about increasing the costs. I chose the theme I did because it was the closest I could find that had the features that are important to me and still be free! I don’t mind paying for an upgrade on this blog, but I don’t plan on upgrading any of the other blogs. (Besides the blogs I’ve mentioned here, I have 3 blogs I maintain for various small community groups who don’t want to spend a dime!)

      WordPress is adding more features to some older free themes, such as the ability to choose full posts or post summaries on the home page. They also plan on some sort of change to give more options to how featured images are displayed. Those two things would really broaden the themes I might choose.


  4. I thought of multiple blogs when I first started blogging, but then realised it’s almost a full time job managing one so I gave up on the others. I love your winter picture and the way you’ve put the coloured pencil filter over it. Nice work! 🙂


  5. Hmmmm…..if I split my blog into categories they would probably have one for food and gardening, one for farming and chickens, etc. My problem would be I tend to intertwine mine all together so it would take me forever to decide where to put things LOL.


    1. I had that problem when I separated posts into categories, so when it came time to make decisions about moving posts to new blogs, there were some interesting choices made.
      And you are right, quite often all my interests show up in one blog post!

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  6. It’s awful early and your region has gotten it’s first snowfall, wow, you must have a super short gardening season. Did you all have an Autumn at all?
    You did a great job with your photo enhancement. It looks like a lovely painting.
    I enjoy your blogs and am now following them all. Keeping subjects separate makes it easier sometimes. I look forward to all your postings.
    Once upon a time, I had several blogs and enjoyed them all, but I deleted them when I thought I would need to be offline for for many months. With my blog that I have now, I don’t feel I have enough content for more than one (and then again, I may start more blogs any day) but if I did I suppose they might be gardening/food, photo challenges and crafts (or something else.)
    Stay warm and have a wonderful winter.


    1. You are right about our growing season. It is short. Frustratingly, we often get hard frost or snow in September, then a beautiful, relatively warm Autumn after the garden has frozen!
      Thank you for becoming a follower. Fortunately, the WordPress reader makes it easy to read them!
      I will stay warm for part of this winter, because I will head down to Arizona for some nice winter weather.

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