12 thoughts on “Christmas Tree filters

  1. Beautiful tree! I am a traditionalist so I like the first photo best! I take it you are at the Red House for Christmas? We are home this year and pretty much ready for the big day! Merry Christmas to you, Car Guy, and family!


    1. Yes, Ev, we are still at the Red House – though now that the weather has got all wintery again, we wish we had headed south! (Christmas letter is coming, by the way…)


  2. Great pictures again, Margy. Of course, the tree is beautiful in its own right but interesting how you “redecorated ” it too. Merry Christmas up there in the north!


  3. Nice treatments (and original).

    Christmas for us is just another day. We used to do more when we had the business or had occasional visitors (family), but otherwise, a quiet day with some food treats (stuff we don’t normally eat).

    Hope you enjoy yours.


    1. Most of our family lives in a city just half an hours drive from us! We all host something for certain branches of the family. Yesterday was the last get together – today we all go back to a normal style of eating!


  4. Gotta vote for #1, the “as is” tree, and what a beauty it is! I can also see one of the Red House’s famous red ceiling beams!! A belated Merry Christmas to you Margy, and, of course, to The Car Guy with the grease stains on his stocking… : )


    1. Merry Christmas and all the Best in the New Year to you, Mark. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog, and I look forward to enjoying your humour for years to come.
      You were pretty close about the grease stains in the stocking – The Car Guy had a few small tools among his gifts!


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