Cabo San Lucas – Donkey and Pancho – Boats and Sea Lions

We were in Mexico last week – specifically Los Cabos, which is a municipality on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, in the state of Baja California Sur.

Though we spent most of our time in San Jose del Cabo, the Cabo San Lucas Marina was the scene of the most excitement – if you like all the things that ‘bob’ on top of or ‘swim’ in water. This Marina has 380 Slips and 33 Megayacht Berths and just about every craft had a name!






The Sea Lion might have a name too. If you Google ‘Sea Lion Cabo San Lucas Marina’, you will find several items about ‘Pancho’ the bandit sea lion. The sleek dark beast demanded fish from every boat that came in to dock, and it would aggressively attempt to ‘take’ any fish it spied. A flock of brown Pelicans followed the sea lion, supplying diversionary tactics that kept the fisherman busy scooting the birds off the motor and the back of the boat. It was all quite entertaining!

Have you ever owned a boat? Did it have a name?

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Names.

14 thoughts on “Cabo San Lucas – Donkey and Pancho – Boats and Sea Lions

  1. I like that Pancho. He’s figured out how to have it all. and them pelicans have learned it too. Critters are so clever.
    The boat names are so fun to see and one of the joys of visiting a dock.
    I hope you all are having a good winter.


    1. Many of the boats use women’s names, so we were all on the lookout for a boat with our name!
      We were in Alberta for December. The temperatures dipped to -25C for much of our stay! We are very glad to be back in Arizona for the rest of the winter!

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    1. Hola, Al! My Spanish is limited, but I did master the following:
      Dos cervezas por favor…
      Baño rápidamente


  2. I love to watch boats, visit marinas and such, but I don’t like to be ON boats. Or at least my tummy doesn’t.
    By the way, welcome back to Arizona! It’s been a little wet lately, but hopefully it means the desert wildflowers will give us a great show this year. 🙂


    1. We weren’t here for the rain, but I can see how wet my yard is when I remove the top few inches of gravel! We’re starting to see a greenish tinge on the hill and mountain sides around here, and the weeds are starting to sprout in my yard. Seems so strange to be thinking spring when it is the depth of winter in Alberta.


  3. Glad to hear you are enjoying some warm weather. It is freezing up here!!!!! We have a boat, couple of canoes and a couple of kayaks but none of them have names. Maybe we will have to do something about that this summer.


  4. Using pelicans for diversion– dastardly! Very similar to what you see here in New Hampshire sometimes: people use a fake dead raccoon for diversion. They squirt some shave cream on the mouth and leave it lying in someone’s driveway. While the people inside are distracted, they steal fresh-baked pies off the back porch, or grab clean underwear off the line… : )

    Bet you’re missing that invigorating Canadian weather, eh Margy?? Hope you’re having a great time. Happy New Year, a little late! : )


    1. That is just too funny!
      Invigorating – yes, I suppose -25C could be called that! We ‘enjoyed’ a month of that weather before heading south to the warmth of an Arizona winter! Happy New Year to you too!

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    1. I’ve never owned a boat either, but I’ve watched people trying to dock them, and I sure agree about the staff part!


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