Super Bowl Quiz – The Winning Answers

We were invited to a Super Bowl party. I knew it was going to be a good one when the hostess pointed me in the direction of a really well stocked snack counter. Then she handed me the first of the number of glasses of wine it takes to drink a half bottle or so. With my beverage in one hand, and a plate of munchies in the other, I commandeered a front row seat on the soft couches.

“Before the game starts,” said the hostess, “You are all going to take a Super Bowl Quiz. There is a prize for whoever gets the most right answers.”

She handed each of us a single page of questions, which I dutifully read. I only knew three answers. I had no idea about the rest. Not a clue. That wasn’t a surprise, since I didn’t even know which teams were playing in the game I was about to watch. (In my defense, I am Canadian, and the last time I really paid any attention to football was when Doug Flutie was quarterback for the Calgary Stampeders in the early 1990’s.)

So I filled in the answers I knew, and handed my page to The Car Guy.  His skill set is trivia, and he does follow American football. He filled in his question sheet first, then filled in the rest of my sheet with his second best answers.

At half time, the hostess put out more food (I have to get her recipe for pulled pork!) Then she announced the winner of the Quiz. The person who had the most right answers was ME! What a surprise!

You must be wondering how the ‘least likely to win’ quiz player stumbled into the end zone for a touchdown? Well, it was because I know Roman Numerals. Sample Question: How do you write the Roman Numeral for Super Bowl 48?  The Car Guy  knows Roman Numerals too, so my win ultimately came down to the fact that his second choice answers on my sheet were better than his first choice answers on his sheet.

The prize was a handy pair of glasses that made me look a cross between Groucho Marks and Hitler.  They look much better on Albertina Elf.

Did you watch Super Bowl LI too? What did you think of the commercials and half time show? Do you have a really easy crock pot pulled pork recipe?

4 thoughts on “Super Bowl Quiz – The Winning Answers

  1. I guess just about all Super Bowl parties are pretty much the same. High-calorie snacks, beer, wine, and pulled pork. We didn’t bring the pulled pork to the party we attended (another neighbor did), but I have a wonderful recipe for Delta Slaw (coleslaw without mayo). I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have done well on the test, but I love your prize!


    1. I didn’t know that Pulled Pork was so popular! My husband tried the hostesses recipe, and it was the best stuff ever (he used no calorie beer instead of coke or Dr. Pepper to cook it in.)


  2. I don’t understand the whole ‘Super Bowl’ thing (or, to be honest, the hype around any ‘major sporting event’). In my opinion, the billions of dollars spent (both commercially and privately) could be better utilized on issues that affect everyone – like health care, job creation, the environment, etc. I don’t begrudge anyone having a good time or enjoying sports, but it seems we’ve lost perspective when it comes to ‘entertainment’ vs. what’s really important today.


    1. You are right about the money spent! Too bad we couldn’t have the sports without huge salaries and all the costs associated with the distribution of same!


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