Shadows on the Snow – a Mystery Shape

I call them Crystal Days. When the morning sun falls on the right kind of new snow, each snow flake glitters like a crystal.


This photo was taken on a Crystal Day, mid December, a few years ago.  The overnight snowfall had turned our yard into a series of snow mounds, each sparkling in the morning sun. The snow pattern in this photo was particularly interesting. What had been a grid, was now a geometric series of hills and valleys, with each hill casting a shadow into the valley. Nearby objects added splashes of shadow too.


Here is a closer look at one of the valleys. Now you can see the sparkles of the snow crystals on the hill surface.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember what was under the snow. Whatever it was, it had to have been a nearly horizontal surface. It was something in my yard and it was apparently familiar enough that I didn’t bother to take another photo that put this one into context. I didn’t even see the need to change the name of the photo from P1060359 to something a bit more useful. Drat…

Here are some more shadow photos. Click on any of them to open a slideshow.

If you have any suggestions as to what created my snow shadow mystery, please leave a comment!

6 thoughts on “Shadows on the Snow – a Mystery Shape

  1. Shadows create such great images … I’m always a fan of the shadows created by a window blind in the late afternoon sun.

    My guess is that the hills and valleys look like something a plastic crate would create … although these appear to be much larger than a typical crate. A banded lounge chair perhaps?


  2. Wunderbar … which my spellchecker just informed me should be Wonderbra! … ah, can’t beat sunlight on snow, can you?


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