Where is the Letter ‘B’?

Can you find the shape of the Letter ‘B’ or ‘b’ in the photos below? (Hint: You might have to look for pairs of circles!)

Some famous ‘B’s
Bubble and Bobbin (3 out of 6 letters are b’s)
Plan B
Hepatitis B
Vitamin B
Type B Blood
B Musical Note
B Boron
B Shoe Size
B Bra Size
B-2 Stealth Bomber
B-29 Superfortress
B-52 Bomber
B Movies

Have I missed any important ‘B’ designations?
Did you find an ‘B’ in each of the photos? I’ve posted the answers at Photos Containing the Letter ‘B’.

6 thoughts on “Where is the Letter ‘B’?

  1. As long as we’re talking about bombers, let’s not forget the B-17 “Flying Fortress” and the B-24 “Liberator”. In WWII, these guys were amazing to even climb into these planes and expect to come home!


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