Many Rocks and a Lot of Hardscape

Earththe substance of the land surface – in my part of Arizona it reminds me of the saying ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’! Landscaping strategies here include generous numbers of Rocks and plenty of gravel Hardscape.

Big River

Our yard consists of a gravel mulch that covers soil that is a course reddish material with large sections of impenetrable caliche (soil particles that have been cemented together by calcium carbonate.)

Meandering from one end of the yard to the other is a stone feature I call ‘Big River’.

‘Big River’ is a make believe creek bed that only gets wet when it rains.

‘Big River’ begins in a spiral rock feature I call ‘The Maze’.

A large stone lizard slithers towards the patio and breaks the monotony of yet some more gravel (the maze area is in the distance.)

In contrast, Earth at our Alberta house is a rich black soil. A carpet of green grass (sometimes a blanket of dead yellow grass if we don’t get enough rain) circles flower beds and stone walkways.

The Arizona yard and the Alberta yard, though on different ends of a spectrum of what Earth has to offer, are in just two of the many ecosystems that the Earth’s surface can support.  What kind of land surface do you call home?

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Earth.

19 thoughts on “Many Rocks and a Lot of Hardscape

    1. Arizona got some of your rain too, so it was greener here than usual! Meanwhile, back home in Alberta it is still snowing, and the green things have barely started to sprout – which is why we are still in Arizona.


  1. I love both of your lanscapes. That lizard is so absolutely cool! I may have to try make one in my flower garden. My grandkids would love it!
    We have wonderful black Iowa dirt. We are by a small river so do have sandy riverbottoms as well and lots of rocks in our creek area. Some are huge!


    1. It is that longing for the other that triggers our migration north and south. Right now it is getting very hot in Arizona, but Alberta is still getting late spring snow. In a week or so, it will be time to head north. In the fall, when the Alberta growing season ends and the temperatures drop, we know it is time to head south to the warmth!

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  2. Your two worlds are so different from one another! Personally, I need the lush green but your solution to the dryness of Arizona is so striking, especially the lizard 🙂


  3. What a lovely set of gardens! We moved to a 4 acre property (in Southern Ontario) last year; nearly 3 acres of it is thick forest (conifer and deciduous trees combined), there’s a small(ish) ‘garden’ area on the south side of the house that I’m working on turning into a wildflower garden, and we have a 4000 square foot section of grass at the back that I am going to gradually convert (most of) into mixed gardens (grass and I do not get along). Its a challenge to admit (to myself) that ‘working in the garden’ here will be an on-going, never-ending process (compared to the ‘city’ gardens I had before; you could fit our previous property into this one 13 times!) but I’m looking forward to it (and with spring’s arrival, the forest floor has burst into life with trout lilies and trilliums and a number of other plants I have yet to identify – its quite thrilling as well as beautiful).


      1. It’s a fantastic property; I just have to get used to the idea that 4 acres isn’t the same as a small city garden! I’ll definitely be making the pathways through my planned garden wide enough for the lawn tractor (then my Car Guy can mow them instead of me!)


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