Bark Scorpion – In my Closet in Arizona

Bark Scorpions are usually 2 – 3 inches long, are nocturnal, and eat crickets, roaches and other insects. Scorpions hibernate in the winter.

This one was lurking in my broom closet, and unfortunately met an untimely ‘death by swiffer sweeper’. Scorpions glow in the dark if you shine a Black UV light on them, as you can see in this photo. Most local hardware stories around here carry Black light flashlights. We, of course, have one. It has good entertainment value for visitors. I  don’t go around  shining the flashlight in dark closets – live and let live. Except when I find one inside the house, and it doesn’t hide fast enough.

Bug Bits
Common Name: Arizona Bark Scorpion
Scientific Name: Centruroides sculpturatus
Native to: Baja California del Norte, northern Sonora, southeastern California, southeastern Utah, Arizona and southwestern New Mexico.
Date Seen: April 24, 2017
Location: North of Fountain Hills, Arizona

3 thoughts on “Bark Scorpion – In my Closet in Arizona

  1. Congratulations on remaining calm and dispatching the little bugger.
    It’s so cool that it glows, that’s one of the things that I think would be neat to see in real life. Like you say, great entertainment for visitors.


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