2017 Alberta Flu Bug Arrives at my Door

I shall take you to bed and have my way with you. I will make you ache, shake, and sweat until you moan and groan. I will make you beg me to stop! When I am finished you will be weak for days. Sincerely, The Flu.

I’ve been getting an Annual Flu shot since 2003, and up until now I have been flu-free. My luck ran out last Monday. I woke up feeling awful – fever, chills, whole body muscle pain,  intense fatigue, a cough, and skin so sensitive I could hardly stand to wear clothes. All these symptoms pointed to a flu virus.

The flu, in a nutshell:
At First I was afraid I was gonna die.
Now I’m afraid I won’t.
– Author Unknown –

For 3 days I shuffled from bed to couch and back to bed. By Day 4, the whole body symptoms had receded, but site specific rashes and inflammations popped up. I felt well enough, though, to get out of bed and go see the Doctor. He confirmed I had the flu. He pointed out that if I had consulted him earlier, he could have prescribed a flu medication to reduce the symptoms.  I pointed out that I would have consulted him earlier if his office had been mid way between my bed and the couch!

The very first blog post I wrote in November 2009 was about the H1N1 Flu (Swine flu), which had been declared a global flu pandemic.  The strain of influenza sweeping through Alberta this season is Influenza A H3N2, but with a twist. It was able to mutate over the course of a single flu season, which meant the effectiveness of my vaccine was decreased. The vaccine should have lessened the severity of the flu and hastened my recovery time, though. Other factors that affect the course of the flu are age, general heath, underlying medical conditions, immune system, nutrition, mental outlook and support systems.

Speaking of support systems, I have to thank The Car Guy for being Mr. Mom this past week; my Doctor, who, so far, has always erased my worst fears; and the pretty spring daffodils that are popping up in my yard… and Tim’s Iced Capps… and chocolate.

I’m also thankful this was the Alberta flu, not the Arizona flu. Or worse yet, the ‘in transit between Arizona and Alberta’ flu.

What is the difference between Bird Flu and Swine Flu?
For Bird Flu you need tweetment and for Swine Flu you need oinkment.
– SMSQuotesimage.com –

Have you ever had the flu? Do you get a flu shot?

17 thoughts on “2017 Alberta Flu Bug Arrives at my Door

  1. Here’s the good news. Once you have had a particular strain of flu you are immune to it for your lifetime. Now the bad news. There are 147,917 different strains of flu……so far.


  2. For years, I would get an annual flu shot but I always seemed to pick up a case of ‘the flu’ anyway (likely because I was teaching at a community college and there were many different strains of flu going around every year), so I stopped getting them. Since retiring (in 2010) I’ve not had the flu – until this year. I’ve had two different types – one that knocked me down and out for almost 2 weeks in January, and another that hung on for almost a month (I picked that one up from my granddaughter; we seem to have ‘sympathetic immune systems’ – what she has, I get). I’m not likely to go back to getting shots, though, as I’m not sure they’re all that effective (and I hate needles, to boot!) I guess I’ll just keep taking my chances.


  3. I never used to get the flu shot but after getting pneumonia a couple of times my doctor advised I get it. So far I am flu free!! Sorry to hear you are ill, hope u are now fully recovered.


    1. Pneumonia is what we all hope we don’t get when the flu hits! My husband got the pneumonia shot too since he is at higher risk since his heart problem.


    1. I thought it was over too – it must have been lying in wait for me when I got back to Alberta! I’m on the mend, thanks, and the daffodils have been spectacular. Now the tulips are taking over, with the allium next in line.


  4. Well bless your heart. What a horrible flu. I’m thankful you’re over the most of it. I’m glad you went to the doctor.
    We get our flu shots every year. So far we’ve been fortunate on not having the flu. The flu mutates so quickly now and the shots doesn’t cover every strain, but we do what we can to hopefully help any way.
    What a special fellow Car-Guy is. I’m glad he was there to help you get well. Hopefully, you’ll be back to your perky self. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your good wishes. Yes, I’m very fortunate that The Car Guy is self sufficient in the kitchen. He’s strong too – he can get the top off the child proof ibuprofen bottle! I sure couldn’t!

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    1. Glad to hear a recovery story – while misery likes company, it also likes to hear that there is a ‘feel better’ light at the end of the tunnel!

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    1. I tried not to be a baby, but it isn’t often that your husband makes it so easy to be, well, kind of a big baby!


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