Would Grandma Approve?

A Collage of Doilies. What would Grandma think if she saw some of her handiwork hanging on the wall!?

red wall, starched

Doilies with the FotoSketcher Emergence filter

Doilies with the FotoSketcher Dots filter

Doilies with the GIMP Stained Glass filter

Do you have any of your Grandma’s  or Grandpa’s treasures displayed in your house?

This week’s WordPress.com Photo Challenge is Collage.

25 thoughts on “Would Grandma Approve?

  1. Wonderful collection! I have saved my sister-in-law’s 20 large knit doilies. They look finely crocheted and I use them regularly as chargers for company dinners. They add a beautiful old worldly touch to the table and we love them for the memories of a very fine lady.


  2. Lovely doilies! Not sure my great aunt would approve but a crafty friend used Aunt Martha’s doilies to decorate two bedside lamp shades. Not what they were meant for – but I think they work!


  3. When referring to what I know about doilies, the term “less than zero” comes to mind. However, I know beauty when I see it….and talent. Good stuff.


    • Thank you, Al, for the kind words. I used the search tool on your blog, and I could not find a single instance of the word doily or crochet, so I believe you when you say ‘less than zero’!


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