Ghost – A Satisfying Day at the ‘Gamma Dogs’ House

We recently became ‘Grandparents’ to a puppy, though the term ‘puppy’ seems odd for a dog that never was very small and is growing really quickly. Our daughter and her husband are taking their puppy, Ghost, to puppy classes and are making good progress in establishing themselves as the ‘Alpha Dogs’! This training is quickly forgotten, however, in the excitement of a day here at our rural Red House. We joke that I am so far down in the dog’s ‘hierarchy of obedience’ alphabet that I am the ‘Gamma Dog’.

“so many smells. i wonder if any of them are dog approved food.  ‘alpha dog lady’ didn’t like the dead gopher. i found here last week.”

“sniffing, running, digging, rolling.  i need. a bowl of water!”

“and I’m done. someone carry me to the car.”

This week’s Photo Challenge is Satisfaction.

Are you a dog owner? Or – do you just enjoy a dog when it visits, then get to send it home with the owners?

25 thoughts on “Ghost – A Satisfying Day at the ‘Gamma Dogs’ House

    1. I know how much you love your dogs! They look so cute in the photos in your blog.

      Ghost is a ‘Bordernese’ – a Border Collie / Bernese Mountain Dog Cross. My daughter expects it will be a large, intelligent dog – so they want it to be well behaved. Me too – it is already big enough to bowl me over…


  1. I’m more of a cat person but our neighbours have a beautiful golden retriever who has won my heart (she’s restricted to her own property by an invisible fence, but whenever I’m in my garden, she comes to the property line and whines at me … knowing I’ll go over and give her some much-needed attention). Your ‘grandpuppy’ is going to be a big boy!


    1. I’d have to say I am more of a cat person too. But it is hard not to like an animal that wags it’s tail so freely when it sees you.
      Yes, the expectation is that Ghost will be a big girl, which is why it is so important that she responds to commands!


  2. Aw, looks a little like my dog, only mine has short hair.
    If it helps any, I’ve heard that whole “alpha” dog way of training is based on faulty studies of wolves in captivity. When they studied wolves in the wild, they discovered the “alpha” was more a caretaker, being gentle with the others in the pack and bringing food to the pups or nursing mothers, even before he ate. Interesting, don’t you think?


    1. I’d say that description of ‘alpha’ describes all of us who play a role in Ghost’s puppyhood! Training a dog seems to be a combination of actions, and it takes time to find the ones that work best and motivates a particular dog. The important thing, though, is that we all have the expectation that Ghost will be a ‘trained’ dog, not an out of control one.


  3. Very pretty dog. I don’t have pets but do have a lot of wild birds (and a couple of voles) that have become very friendly and visit often. They are driven by food… usually the ‘driven’ bit is in driving their human feeders to distraction!


    1. We have a lot of wild birds around too, and that is one of the reasons we don’t have a cat! Having said that, we had Great Horned Owls nesting here this year, and I think a cat would have been in great danger.

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      1. Ouch, yes, I think you’re right.
        A couple of years ago or so we had a cat that visited us – it was nearly blind, and all the birds happily fed near it as they were somehow aware it couldn’t see them! Isn’t it strange how their senses are often so much sharper than ours?


  4. Great photos. Ghost and I always have a great time on our forest walks. I’m so glad she didn’t catch that mouse yesterday!


    1. Yes, I’m glad she didn’t catch it either. It would have been fun, though, taking photos of you and your dad trying to pry it out of her mouth…


    1. This is the first time ever we have had a pup around, so it is fun – more so for us than our daughter and her husband who are doing all the hard work. Who knew having a puppy was a lot like having a new baby in the house!


    1. Yes, Ghost is at that age where she easily forgets what she is supposed to be doing, and bounces off in a totally different direction. All the smells out here in the country must almost overwhelm a city dog!

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    1. It is really very funny to see Ghost try to crawl onto our daughter’s lap! The dog is growing so quickly that it isn’t really a ‘lap dog’ already, so ‘lap’ time becomes quite an exercise where the dog tries to gather in those long legs and tail to become a size that fits.

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