Christmas Spirit Can’t Come too Early this Year

The World of Commerce starts promoting Christmas earlier and earlier each year, it seems. In Canada and the United States, the ‘Great Pumpkin’ products can be in one shopping aisle and ‘Jolly Old Saint Nick’ can be in the next. Personally, I don’t like the crass materialism of the season, and I really feel sorry for the Sales Associates in the stores. Imagine having to listen to the same Christmas music for almost 2 months!

This year, however, I’ve put up my small table top Christmas tree already. Every time I walk by it, I am cheered by the tiny white snowmen decorations that my daughter and I made over 18 years ago. At night the twinkly lights brighten that corner of the room. It is peaceful.

Christmas Tree with a crackly filter

I have several reasons for putting up this tree so early. First, it is a calming reminder that the final journey with a loved one is complete and they are now in a peaceful place.

Christmas Tree with Drawing filter

The tree is also a reminder that the greatest contribution I can give others right now is a smile. I painted smiles on all those little snowmen and their unfailing cheer is contagious! Mine should be too.

Christmas Tree with a liquefy filter

Even my friends on Facebook have been infected by the outrage and anger that is so prevalent in many parts of the world. Compromise, understanding and sharing don’t seem to be objectives. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Christmas Season this year moved people into the spirit of goodwill and giving, and somehow, magically, they just got stuck there?!

15 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit Can’t Come too Early this Year

  1. Love your filtered photos of that tree. It does seem to have a lot of character. But are you sure they’re having Christmas again this year? I thought it offended too many people. Better check with the PC police before you go all out.


    1. I’m a bit (okay a bunch) too old to worry about whether I offend people by using the word Christmas. Peace and goodwill, in even the most humble places and the hardest times, is a sentiment we can all agree on, I hope!


  2. Margy, sometimes I long for Christmas, especially now in our current U.S. climate of anger, doom, and chaos. But, you mentioned “our loved one will soon be in a peaceful place” – whatever that means, my thoughts and well wishes are with you.

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    1. I was thinking of our American friends, though there is much unrest in both my Province and my Country too. People seem to forget that if a country doesn’t switch out political parties now and then, the people start to feel that they live in a dictatorship instead of a democracy.
      We have been very fortunate to have several nonagenarians in our family. We can see the end is near for one of them.


  3. I have a friend who listens to a year-round Christmas radio station. I agree it is uplifting , so added Christmas music to my usual tracks to listen through out the year. Love the post and the hope.


    1. Nice to hear from you Barb.
      World peace – don’t I sound like a Beauty pageant contestant!?
      I love Christmas music. My most recent find for inspirational music is ‘The Piano Guys’. Try ‘Carol of the Bells (for 12 cellos)’; ‘O come, O come, Emmanuel’; ‘Beethoven’s 5 Secrets’ and ‘This is Your Fight Song (Rachel Platten Scottish Cover) ‘.


  4. Love the Piano Guys and their original take on the old and familiar. Used to catch the odd show on PBS. Thanks for the memory. Now, where did I leave that damn tree! Cheers.


    1. I wanted to buy tickets to The Piano Guys concert in Phoenix in December, but turns out we will be remaining in Canada until at least January. I’ve bought 4 of their DVD’s, so do get to enjoy them on the ‘big screen’.
      I’ll be watching your blog for the unveiling of your Christmas Tree this year! I expect even Sharon Ontario could use a reprieve from most of the same things all of us Canadians are being bombarded with.


  5. Thanks for sharing this Christmassy post. I share your appreciation of the more understated and meaningful expressions of advent. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and my poem today is about Christmas spirit in case you have time to look? Festive Greetings! Sam 🙂


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