Faces in the Car Show Crowd

January and February are the best time of the year for the car buffs in Arizona! This year The Car Guy went to Russo and Steele, Silver Auction at Fort McDowell and the Fountain Hills Concours in the Hills. He would have gone to Barrett-Jackson too, but got tired of trying to find a place to park.

Silver Auctions At Fort McDowell
Chrysler Town and Country
Fountain Hills Car Show
Triumph TR250
Fountain Hills Car Show
Shelby Cobra
Fountain Hills Car Show
Ford Ratrod

This week’s WordPress.com Photo Challenge is A Face in the Crowd.

14 thoughts on “Faces in the Car Show Crowd

    1. This part of Arizona has an abundance of car shows, auctions and dealerships and they are all within a 45 minute drive! Car Guy Heaven!


  1. We have a “car guy” in our family too. My son-in-law is quite the fanatic. He and a neighbor drove from Charlottesville, Va to somewhere in Florida for a car show (13 hours) one day. Attended the show next day and drove back the next day. As for me, my max travel limit for a car show is two blocks.

    Loved your pictures on the other site, Margy.


    1. Interesting how far people will drive with the right motivation! We drive 8 hours a day to get from Alberta to Arizona. It takes 3 days, and then we have to rest for… about 4 months…
      Thanks for stopping by the other site – isn’t it great how far you can go with just the click of a mouse!

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    1. All the Uncle Franks of the world should try to come to Arizona at least once in their lives to watch the yearly ‘parade’ of old and new vehicles!

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  2. That’s the notorious– er, I mean, famous Car Guy, eh? I think he’s got a notion about that Ratrod– you guys would cause a sensation toolin’ around in that!! 🚜💨😊


    1. Good eye, Mark. Yes, that is The Car Guy. The Triumph was his favourite, but I’m fascinated by Ratrods. I want him to build one – he’s rebuilt a ’50 Fargo and a ’70 Challenger T/A. I think he has enough left over pieces to make a good start on a Ratrod…

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