Line Up of Sunrises

We have a roof top patio in Arizona – a perfect place for watching sunrises, sunsets, and star gazing.

Sunrise with plane contrails.

The science behind contrails is fascinating. Contrails should never be a cause for alarm; after all, folks don’t flip out on chilly days when their breath forms a cloud. If it’s cold enough and the air is still, you might even notice a cloud hanging behind you for several meters.
What really comes out of an airplane? Contrails, not chemtrails, The Washington Post –

Clouds aligned in rows.
The jagged lines of the mountains on the horizon and the palm trees in the neighbours yard.
Clouds are in line with the horizon.
The lines of palm fronds.

Are you on a flight path? Are the planes loud and noisy, or so high you don’t even notice them?

This week’s photo Challenge is Lines.

20 thoughts on “Line Up of Sunrises

  1. What lovely sunsets… and BIG skies… Where I am now, on the east side of Vancouver Island, we do not see sunsets much at all as the sun sets behind mountains… I miss them…


  2. Stunning photos! And yes, we are on a flight path but the planes are so high we never hear them. Lovely. My views are of sunrises over the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia – all depending when I wake up.


  3. Arizona has some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets! My brother spends his winters there so we get to visit most years. So different from ours in SC but equally beautiful.


    1. I looked for ‘Arizona’ on your blog and enjoyed all the sights you have captured here. You’d like all the desert plants that are blooming right now. The Ironwood trees are especially nice this year.

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  4. You’re fortunate to have a patio to observe the skies in all their glory. An extra big thank you to you for calling the contrails by their real names. I grow so weary of the conspiracies of chemtrails. It drives me buggers. We’re sort of on a flight path. Some days it looks like there’s been dogfights going on. It’s amazing the different layers like grids they make. The contrails dissipating makes for some gorgeous sunsets. Your photos are amazing.


  5. Beautiful pictures as always. We are directly under the route from the northeast to Florida. We see myriad contrails in the sky at all times. What’s more we are directly under the approach when planes are landing from the north at the Norfolk International Airport. Sometimes seems like we could reach up and touch them. I just wish when we are flying in from a trip we could drop our luggage onto our lawn as we fly over just to avoid the baggage carousel. That would be possible in Al’s world.


    1. Life would indeed be different in ‘Al’s World’! Surely if they could drop your luggage, they could let you parachute out too…
      We are under the approach to an airport too. We’ve gotten over being annoyed by the noise – now we just marvel that such a huge ‘bird’ can stay in the air!

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  6. What a treat to have such an observation post with such a magnificent view. You’ve certainly taken awesome advantage of same. Fabulous captures and great subject choice for this challenge.


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