Great Horned Owl – We’ve Got Owlets!

A Great Horned Owl Family in our front yard! To see other Owl photos and stories, click on the Bird menu item at the top of this page.


Photo altered with a Bastille filter in Topaz Studio


Photo altered with a Fine Wine Filter in Topaz Studio


Photo altered with an Impasto filter in Topaz Studio


12 thoughts on “Great Horned Owl – We’ve Got Owlets!

    1. Their behaviour is interesting – but I have to be careful not to assign a human interpretation to a bird activity!


  1. Oh these are simply amazing owls. Your photos are stunning and what a beautiful experience for you to know them. Thank you.


    1. Their cuteness is tempered by their beaks and their talons. They really do have sharp dangerous bits on both ends of them.


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