Right Place, Right Time

Every now and then (but not if I’m in a line-up at the store) I’m in the Right Place at the Right Time! Here are three photos to illustrate what I mean.

In 2011, I wrote a post titled Lady’s Slipper Orchids – Surprise in the Ditch. At that time, the orchids were growing in a ditch – about a 5 minute walk from us. Not a great distance, but they were easy to overlook in the tall weeds and their blooming season was short. I only saw them once again after that.

A few days ago, I was very surprised to find the pretty yellow orchids again growing in the ditch –  but this time right at the end of our driveway!

It would have been easy to miss their yellow flowers, surrounded as they were by clumps of yellow dandelions. But, they must have whispered to me… “It’s your lucky day – we’re your  neighbours now!”

I’m a Canadian ‘Snowbird’ who spends part of the winter in the USA. Last winter I went to an Estate Sale at the house next to our Arizona home. One of the items for sale was an old sewing machine in a cabinet. I ignored it – I already had a sewing machine.

The next morning, after the sale had ended, the sewing machine had been moved out to the garage, en route to who knows where. The sales agent appealed to my thriftiness by pointing out that the machine, the cabinet and a box of sewing supplies could be mine for a mere $10. Sold!

Later, when I opened the box of supplies, I found this small Canadian Flag lapel pin nestled in with the bobbins and thread. I’ll never know why the elderly American woman who owned the machine had this lapel pin, but I do know that the pin whispered to me – “This sewing machine was meant for you!”

Here is the link to my story about the Great Horned Owl Family  that has been living in a tree near the front of our house. Though we have often seen the adult owls on our property and last year I briefly glimpsed a pair of owlets, it has been a once in a lifetime event to watch three owlets ‘branch’ and eventually fledge. The owl parents really did pick the right place and the right time for us!

Do you have a ‘Right Place – Right Time’ story to share?


14 thoughts on “Right Place, Right Time

  1. Loved all three of these right time right place stories Margy!! I am going to have to show a photo of those owls to my husband….he is an owl lover.
    I would definitely have purchased a sewing machine for 10 bucks!! And what a great find with your Canadian flag pin!


    1. Make sure you husband sees all my owl posts at https://chirpsbuzzes.wordpress.com/tag/owl/
      I have enjoyed having resident owls in our woods, though it has been a bit inconvenient for my husband – I won’t let him do any mowing or wood chipping in that area until the owlets are big enough to fly away if they don’t like his presence.
      I’m very happy with the sewing machine. It is an old Elna and we speak the same language because it is very much like the first sewing machine I ever had. The machine I had purchased a few years ago for the south house was a cheap, basic Singer. I never did bond with that machine.

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  2. Loved the right time right place idea Margy! Those owls, they look like little ewoks don’t you think? We had a nest nearby my home a few years back and it was such a thrill to see them. Wonderful captures


    1. Ewoks is a great description. I was also thinking of Inuit Ookpik’s – though not many people are familiar with this craft unless they spent time working in the Arctic, like my husband did.
      You are very right about how thrilling it is to be able to watch a nest of owls!


  3. And I’m in the right place at the right time right now– because I just read this post and saw these wonderful photos, and I’m experiencing a pronounced case of mood elevation!! Thanks, Margy! 🌼🇨🇦🐣🐣🐣😊


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