Your Blog – What Do Your Visitors See?

I give my blog a make-over now and then. ( has so many themes to try). When I test drive a new one, I ask a few friends to let me know what their browser thinks of the change. Does my blog load fairly fast on their computer, phone or other device? Can they read the blog easily? Does anything seem to be ‘broken’?

Why does speed matter?

My frog connection – photo dimensions are 302px by 219 px. The size is 23.9 KB

We might live in a fast paced world, but our internet connections vary from rabbit to turtle. I sometimes have a frog connection – fast leaps alternating with “really, you’ve stopped completely!?” pauses. A fast website loads completely in my browser while my frog is leaping. I can read the site while my frog has stopped to admire the scenery. A slow website doesn’t load completely during the leaps. I often get tired of waiting and abandon the site.

Apparently search engines also use load speed as one of the factors in search ranking. You can test the speed of your site with a free tool called Pingdom Website Speed Test. The test will tell you how fast your site is. If you scroll down their page, you will be able to see exactly what is slowing your site down.

If you click the Home button on my menu above, you can check my new landing page. According to Pingdom my Performance Grade is 90 and it loads faster than 83% of sites tested from New York City.

How does your Home Page compare?

One way to speed up your site – reduce the size of your images

Your theme choice dictates the size your images will display. Resize your images to match your theme – your images will then be the best the theme can offer AND the fastest to deliver to your readers.

The original of this frog photo was 2756 px by 1991 px with a size of 2.82 MB. The content width for this theme (default post) is, however, only 640 px.  (I’ve been using a maximum image size of 700 px for quite a few years).

This frog photo is 702 px by 508 px. It is 72.5 KB in size.
This frog photo is 902 px by 652 px. It is 107 KB in size.

As you can see, the frog photo on the bottom is of no better quality than the photo above it, but it takes up more space in your WordPress account. If I had uploaded the full size photo, it would have taken a lot longer to load, and would not have looked appreciably better than the smaller size photos.

Is your font choice working for or against you?

Speaking of size, is your font large enough to be read easily? What about colour? Dark text on a light background is easy to read. Light text on a dark background is harder to read. Check your site on a computer, a tablet and a phone. How readable is it?

If you a Frog Lover

The frog in the photo is a Northern Leopard Frog. They are no longer common in Alberta, though we often used to see them at the cabin.

11 thoughts on “Your Blog – What Do Your Visitors See?

  1. Looks good. Where did you find content width for you theme? Thanks for the post. I’ve wondered about some of these things.


  2. That is a really useful post and I will now check out my settings to see if my text and photos are easily seen. I think I use too many photos but they are my passion!


    1. You’ll know if you have too many photos once you see the result of the speed test! Your theme is nice and clean. The photos, and some of the other elements appear faded until you hover your mouse over them. While it gives a softer look to a post, some people choose a theme without that feature. Each to their own!

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  3. Good info. I’m always afraid to change something because I might (will) screw it up and won’t know how to fix it. I hope mine’s fine the way it is, but I’m afraid to check. Taking another anti-anxiety pill now…


    1. Your font size is great in my browser. Your load speed might appear to Pingdom as being extremely slow because your theme is set for infinite scroll. That probably won’t affect how quickly people see the top of your site, though it might be a ‘bumpier’ load for people with a slow connection as they scroll down. Infinite scroll is a widely used feature, so it must have specific benefits.


  4. Excellent tips, Margy, and your Home page loaded pronto. Oh– and that’s a very interesting frog you found in The Car Guy’s glove compartment… 🐸


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