This is my Crone Voice

On one of my recent ‘wanderings’ I came across the word ‘Crone’ or more specifically, the Crone Archetype. Initially, I had a not so pleasant vision of a ‘Crone’, but further reading made me realize that some might say I AM a Crone! Perhaps you are too. (If you are a man, then your corresponding Archetype would be Sage.)

If you are a woman of a certain mature age, have abandoned the need for ‘properness’, are up front, and don’t mince your words – you might be a Crone. If you are seen as a being a straight talking mentor, occasionally a trifle crabby  and perhaps even  a bit flirtatious and sassy – you might be a Crone. If you have found an inner peace and accept who you are; if you are realistic and have practical expectations – you might be a crone.

I ticked off a lot of the ‘You might be a Crone’ boxes. When I reviewed the content of my blog, my ‘Crone Voice’ was evident in so many of the posts that had defied all my attempts to corral them into a single category. This was the birth of  My Crone Voice.

That resulted in a new Facebook Page, This is My Crone Voice. I began posting links to all my favourite stories from conservative, pragmatic environmentalist, climate change realist, garden variety, common sense folks like myself.

Apparently this alarmed an algorithm or actual person at Facebook, because within  a few weeks of starting the page, I was issued a warning that ‘Limits have been placed’.

I don’t know what these limits are, nor what I have done to deserve them. I can’t find any explanation or documentation other than this:

I’ve appealed it, of course. I pointed out to Facebook that I only have one follower, a Sage called The Car Guy,  and I only get one ‘Like’ on most posts. I don’t publish spam. I publish links to posts that I agree with.  I am not being misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive – unless those are the descriptors Facebook assigns to conservative pragmatic writers…

I eventually decided to delete the page. I’m getting real close to deleting Facebook from my life…


8 thoughts on “This is my Crone Voice

  1. Obviously, Margy, you didn’t read the fine print when you signed up with Facebook. It’s Rule 14 a, section 3, sub-paragraph C, line 143 and I quote: “Any post that requires its readers to exercise thought or even worse, common sense, shall be deemed to have exceeded our limits.” It goes on to say, “The definition of “limits” shall be fluid as determined by us.”

    Hope this helps.

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    1. Thanks Al. I knew you’d read ALL the fine print. I grew weary at Rule 10, section 53, sub-paragraph F…


  2. It’s something how less than attractive words describe women and yet complimentary words describe men. “Oh well, thankfully we’ve come a long way baby,” I say in my best crone’s voice. 😉

    I wish you much luck in your appeal. From what I’ve read, sometimes it’s hard to get FB to explain themselves. Regardless of the outcome I hope they at least tell you why they set limits on your page (and you’ll share their reasons here)

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    1. The British pronunciation of Crone actually makes the word sound much more attractive! I will certainly do a follow up if Facebook ever explains why I’ve been reprimanded.

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    1. I’m watching the lead up to your mid-terms with interest. (As you know, we live in AZ part of the winter, own a home there, pay community and county taxes there, have many friends there.) Then there is the whole NAFTA debacle (and I blame our Canadian negotiators for the bulk of that mess.) Last, but not least, next year our Provincial and Federal elections will hopefully result in a change of management that will be able to steer our country with sound financial execution instead of… well, you know all this from my Twitter feed…

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