8 thoughts on “American Robins – If You Build it They will Come

    1. Two years ago the robins raised two chicks in a similar size nest. This year it was four chicks. I can’t imagine what it would have been like with more little birds, nor how the parents would have managed to feed them all!

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    1. I would think the basic task of building a nest and laying eggs, etc is similar with all birds – so in watching robins I’m learning a lot about the bird world in general!

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  1. Which just goes to show you don’t have to hug trees or picket power companies to love nature and be a hands-on environmentalist– well done, C.G., and thanks for the cool photo essay, Margy!!


    1. The Car Guy took the nest down when the birds were gone, sterilized the box and cleaned up the area. We’re all ready for next year’s brood!

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