Ghost – Looking for Puppy Faces

Puppy Faces Today – our Daughter and her Husband got a dog!

A puppy face – the Grand-dog – right after a bath: “Where is the treat you promised me if I went along with the foolishness of a bath?”
The grand-dog – finally dry and back outside: “My price for not digging in the garden again is… double treats!”

Puppy Faces Before the Dog Came Along:

Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
– Winnie the Pooh (by A.A. Milne) –

Six years ago I wrote a post called A Perfect Storm – The Motorcycle Accident. It was the story of the day (Friday, July 13!) that The Car Guy and the Harley abruptly parted company – both landing in a farmer’s field, both with considerable damage.

I reread that post yesterday. I also reread all the comments left on posts then and after the event – words of encouragement, concern and prayers for a speedy recovery! Thanks again, from the bottom of my Canadian heart, to all these kind bloggers who reached out to me during those dark days:

Some of these writers are still blogging! Some have ‘ceased blogging operations’ and moved on.  The ‘ceased’ bloggers – some left a farewell message; some just packed up (I envision it as happening on a dark and stormy night) and disappeared, leaving us all to wonder what they moved on to, or if they are actually ‘deceased’!

Now, for the update on The Car Guy.  There were certainly some interesting and amusing moments during his recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). For  the first few months,  he was unable to retain memories, but more spectacularly – sometimes he saw people that the rest of us couldn’t see!

One afternoon he woke up after a nap in the Guest Room at the Cabin and announced there were puppy faces on the ceiling over the bed. This was a new hallucination. He insisted I come and look. We stretched out on the bed and looked up at the wood paneled ceiling.

“See – there.” He pointed at the wood grain knots and swirls. “Two eyes and a nose. And over there. Two eyes, a nose and ears. And another one over there!”

Relief – yes, I could see puppy faces in the knots and swirls too! Then – I thought about all the people who had slept in that bed, but had never mentioned seeing puppy faces! It takes a certain freedom of thought, I guess, to see things like that.

I think of those puppy faces when I read the news.  Much of Mainstream Media (MMM) has the single goal of telling you what you should think. Often their message is biased and designed to create fear. They want you to only see what they see in their knots and swirls.

Fortunately, there are many  Not Really Mainstream Media (NRMMM) sources of positive messages that encourage the grand diversity of human thought. They encourage you to look beyond the knots and swirls for the other messages.

I try to start my day with positive sites like these: Thoughts of DogHuman Progress, Mike Rowe and Regie’s Blog.

Where do you go to get a balanced spin on the news?

19 thoughts on “Ghost – Looking for Puppy Faces

  1. National Public Radio (NPR) is my go-to source. They actually provide information, not just snippets, so you can make up your own mind.


    1. I guess that is the price we pay for having access to so much information, but some very focused agendas.


  2. Thank you for your thank you. I so enjoyed this post and the story of the Car Guy’s puppy visions in the ceiling. I hope he is now doing well since that horrific accident. Your agranddog is adorable by the way. And finally, I agree with you about looking for the positive in all the melee of fear-filled news.


    1. And thank you for still being an active blogger!
      Yes, The Car Guy is doing well and the Grand-dog is playing a key role in his life. Dog visits us about once a week and spends the day in the garage doing shop stuff.


  3. I see puppy (and other) faces in the knots and swirls of our cedar tongue-and-groove ceiling all the time; I see shapes in clouds, too (that oftentimes no one else can see!), and there’s definitely a bison lurking in one of my ewe bushes (how no one else can see it baffles me!) As for the news – well, there just isn’t a single source I trust 100% these days, and the “update” to Google’s news feeds has left me annoyed and frustrated (you can no longer block topics, nor choose topics to view). I visit a couple of local newspapers online occasionally but mostly I just scan the headlines and look for “good” news; the rest of it is just too depressing. Glad to hear The Car Guy is doing better.


    1. We have the same ceilings in a few rooms here at the Red House. You are right, there are some faces there too. When we first bought the house, there was a floor to ceiling fake river stone fireplace. I swear there was a life size elephant outline in the stones. I don’t doubt that you have a bison!
      Google, Facebook and Twitter have all been trying to fiddle with what kind of news we see. We’ll see how successful they’ve been when a few more election cycles are complete.


  4. Seeing puppy faces is one of the more pleasant things I can imagine, Margy 🙂 So nice to go back to that time and see the happy ending, and now the grand-dog’s sweet face! A puppy’s face will always remind us what is truly real and to be treasured.


    1. The puppy is growing up so quickly. So much faster than children. We think our daughter should get another puppy for us to enjoy, but she has barely survived this ones puppyhood. Who knew a puppy could be so challenging!?


  5. LUCKY! I can’t think of a better way to go to sleep than counting puppy faces.

    Your granddog has that stink eye down pat! Say twenty hail Mary’s and pray for forgiveness.


    1. Yes, it is interesting how a dog can express their feelings when they really don’t seem to have all that many ways of changing their faces around. Most of it is in what the tongue is doing, I think.

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  6. I am so glad the car guy turned out good!!
    Second I love that puppy…..absolutely adorable.
    Third….I love looking for things in clouds. Did this as a child and still do as a grandma.
    Fourth…yup…it is good to think for ourselves. My pet peeve of mainstream media – how they try tell me what I heard after a political speech. Like I don’t have ears of my own or a brain to reason out what I heard….big sigh.


    1. I still look at clouds too. When I was a kid, on hot days my mom would give me a bowl of ice cream (a special treat) and I’d sit in the shade and watch clouds as I ate it.
      Here in Alberta, a lot of storm clouds roll in from the west. The clouds are really exciting!

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  7. Great post from start to finish, and glad to have an update on TCG, mighty glad he came all the way back from the ICU dog pound, and saw the puppy faces of recovery!! Hope you both are well and feeling A-OK!! 👍😊


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