Sticks and Car Shows

gHost and sTick

my name is gHosT.    i am this blogger’s grand-doggie.   i’m still a puppy.   a really big puppy.
the two-leggers take me to car shows.   when we aren’t looking at cars.   they tie me to the bumper.   of their mustang.   then they give me a stick.

i chew the stick.   while I think about pulling the bumper.   right off the car.   i think I could do that.   if I really wanted to.

it is one thing to think i could do it.   it is another thing to think what what would happen.   if I did do it… treats and tummy rubs.   might be in short supply.   for a while.

last week I forgot.   i was attached to the smaller of the two-leggers.   i pulled on the leash too hard.   the two-legger tipped turtle.   she scraped her knee.   no treats and tummy rubs.   for the rest of the morning.

when I’m older.   maybe the scent of a rabbit won’t make me forget.   what i’m supposed to do.   maybe i will have control over what my nose.   tells me to do.

I used to look at Smokey and think, “If you were a little smarter you could tell me what you were thinking,” and he’d look at me like he was saying, “If you were a little smarter, I wouldn’t have to.”
– Fred Jungclaus –


  1. What year is your Mustang (is it a classic?) I hope your grand-puppy didn’t maul the bumper! I have a red 2006 version; couldn’t afford a classic but this one has the look and feel of the older models – unlike the latest ones which don’t look like Mustangs at all, IMO. I’ve never tied a dog to the bumper though! LOL! We’ve been to a few car shows this summer but had to take a pass on others; its been way too hot and humid for wandering around looking at beautiful “beasts” parked in fields. There’s one more in our area coming up next weekend; fingers cross the weather cooperates! Hope your knee is feeling better.

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    • The Mustang belongs to my son-in-law. Yes, it is a classic, though I’m not sure of the year – late 60’s I think. He has put it in a few shows this summer. The Car Guy put his Dodge Rumble Bee Second Swarm in just one show, but we’ve been to a few. Next year he wants to have the ’50 Fargo ready to show.
      It was my daughter who took the tumble, which was much better than if I had gone down. She is younger and bounces back up much better than I would have!


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