Ghost – Sticks and Car Shows

gHost and sTick

my name is gHosT.    i am this blogger’s grand-doggie.   i’m still a puppy.   a really big puppy.
the two-leggers take me to car shows.   when we aren’t looking at cars.   they tie me to the bumper.   of their mustang.   then they give me a stick.

i chew the stick.   while I think about pulling the bumper.   right off the car.   i think I could do that.   if I really wanted to.

it is one thing to think i could do it.   it is another thing to think what what would happen.   if I did do it… treats and tummy rubs.   might be in short supply.   for a while.

last week I forgot.   i was attached to the smaller of the two-leggers.   i pulled on the leash too hard.   the two-legger tipped turtle.   she scraped her knee.   no treats and tummy rubs.   for the rest of the morning.

when I’m older.   maybe the scent of a rabbit won’t make me forget.   what i’m supposed to do.   maybe i will have control over what my nose.   tells me to do.

I used to look at Smokey and think, “If you were a little smarter you could tell me what you were thinking,” and he’d look at me like he was saying, “If you were a little smarter, I wouldn’t have to.”
– Fred Jungclaus –

9 thoughts on “Ghost – Sticks and Car Shows

    1. I expect the dog will want to tell a few more stories! She has a gift for doing and thinking the unexpected.


  1. What year is your Mustang (is it a classic?) I hope your grand-puppy didn’t maul the bumper! I have a red 2006 version; couldn’t afford a classic but this one has the look and feel of the older models – unlike the latest ones which don’t look like Mustangs at all, IMO. I’ve never tied a dog to the bumper though! LOL! We’ve been to a few car shows this summer but had to take a pass on others; its been way too hot and humid for wandering around looking at beautiful “beasts” parked in fields. There’s one more in our area coming up next weekend; fingers cross the weather cooperates! Hope your knee is feeling better.

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    1. The Mustang belongs to my son-in-law. Yes, it is a classic, though I’m not sure of the year – late 60’s I think. He has put it in a few shows this summer. The Car Guy put his Dodge Rumble Bee Second Swarm in just one show, but we’ve been to a few. Next year he wants to have the ’50 Fargo ready to show.
      It was my daughter who took the tumble, which was much better than if I had gone down. She is younger and bounces back up much better than I would have!


      1. My “car guy” is working on an ’87 turbo Thunderbird; I don’t know when it will be finished but I hope he decides to show it off (after all the work he’s put into it). People have asked if I’m “jealous” of all the time he spends working on his car(s); I say, “No, it keeps him off the street and out of my hair.” LOL!


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