Ghost – Puppy Classes… Again

my name is gHosT.   i am this blogger’s grand-doggie.   grandpa car guy said… or maybe suggested… or even asked “shake a paw.!?”

as near as I can recall.   i said “why? what do you seek in this engagement?”

i may have said or done.   a few other things too…

so I’m back in a dog training class again.   apparently I could be the dog.   that gets the ‘most improved’ award.   but it is much too early to tell.   whether I will ‘paw the line’.   early days…

this isn’t the first time.   i have been in the gamma dog’s blog.   you can see more of me at if you click.   one of the tag links below.   pick the one.   you think will work.

(The quotation “What do you seek in this engagement?” is from the book Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore. The photo has had a Rembrandt filter applied in Topaz Studio.)