Spotted in my Yard – The Rare Red Couch – Friday Funny

It snowed here again. I think this is the 4th time since early September that The Car Guy has had to plow the drive way. I wield the shovel – I am the Cleaner of the Walks and Photographer of the Event. Snow is often an event, especially if there is lots of it and more especially if I find a Red Couch in the yard.

Snow on branches – backlit, it had an almost translucent quality.

Canadian news outlets report snowfall in centimetres (1 inch is 2.54 cm), but like many older Canadians, I was raised with the Imperial system of measurements. Though I am ‘measurement bilingual’, my Snow still falls in inches. It snowed about 6 inches, but hardly any snow fell on the Red Couch.

Snow piled on the picket backs of the lawn chairs.

Canada began metrifying in 1970 because we were expanding trading relationships. Our government decided it should adopt a more universal language of measurements. Some of our Imperial measurements (the capacity units) didn’t even match the Imperial system of the United States. We ‘went metric’ in increments from 1970 to 1980.

Snow on branches with a Topaz Studio filter called E Hopper.

Many Canadians still work in Imperial for many things. They measure their height in feet and inches and their weight in pounds. Our ovens measure temperature in fahrenheit degrees. We measure the size of our homes in square feet and the distance to the rural neighbours house in miles because our land was surveyed in miles and our roads were built on those grids. We measure the elusive Red Couch in inches, of course.

Snow on chairs with a Topaz Studio filter called Degas.

The elusive ‘Red Couch’ is seldom seen on our property, and unknown in just about any other location in the entire world. I found it sitting in the clearing near the front of our property. It was resting, and made no attempt to flee as I approached. Clearly it had arrived after the snow fall. It was only lightly dusted with snowflakes.

Red Couch with a Topaz Studio Cartoon filter.

Would you call it a couch? Or would you say it is a sofa or a chesterfield? I believe a Red Couch is quite rare but maybe you often see couches of a different color, maybe a bland beige or drab brown, on your street or alley. What say you?

If you want to see the Red Couch in action, hop over to Jenifer Sander Photography. You’ll also see a Reindeer and if you scroll down far enough, you will see The Car Guy and I!

22 thoughts on “Spotted in my Yard – The Rare Red Couch – Friday Funny

  1. The red couch population of Virginia is dwindling. The state now only allows a one day hunting season. And not for sport. If you bag one it must be used in your living room.


    1. They are quite stunning to look at. Maybe with a stringent species protection program they will make a comeback.


    1. I hadn’t thought about that aspect of their lives. If I ever see the Red Couch again I’ll have to check the cushions!
      I was going to check what is under the cushions of my couch, but then I would have had to get out the vacuum and one thing would lead to another – so I decided I just don’t want to know what lives under the cushions.


  2. Be careful, the Red Couch has friends. When you’re least expecting them, they hide under its cushions. Dormice, wildebeest (possibly spelled or spelt differently), reindeer. Anything that can shape-shift and flatten itself to the correct dimensions to hide beneath the cushions.

    On another note (B flat?) our currency changed in 1970… I think the rest followed a bit later. I ignore most of the measurements and still measure in inches much of the time. Feet, too. Sometimes hands and noses.

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    1. Shape shifting would explain lots of things that surprise me!
      I remember being surprised when we lived in England by your countries mixture of measurements. I also had never heard of weight being measured in stones.

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      1. Our body-weight scales are now in kilograms which drives me crazy. If I get weighed at the doctor’s surgery I insist they give it to me in stones and pounds. So far they’ve managed but I can see a time when they won’t know how to!


    1. Davenport – I had heard that term, but had to look it up! Quite an elegant beast.
      A blue couch is probably quite rare too. I bet you were thrilled to see one.

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  3. From the design elements, I’d say its a “chesterfield” rather than a couch! I also find it odd that we use metric and imperial measurements in Canada for different things. When my eldest son was interviewed for a job at Home Depot years ago, one of the questions he was asked was, “How many feet are there in a yard?” Having only been taught the metric system in school, he went for a “humourous” answer (to him anyway, I don’t think the interviewer was all that impressed, as he didn’t get the job): “It depends on how many people are standing in the yard.” 🙂


    1. Apparently the interviewer didn’t have much of a sense of humour.
      Some measurements simply won’t disappear until the ‘Imperial’ measurement generation dies off, I guess.


  4. Love the surrealism of the red couch among the snowy trees – the beginning of a great story? A Coen brothers film?


    1. I think the photographer who puts the couch there calls it “Christmas Photo Prop”. Her husband calls it “When will you finally get that red monstrosity out of my garage for good!”

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    1. Our weather forecasters have a devil of a time predicting when and how much snow will fall – but I’ll suggest to them that the East doesn’t want any of the stuff.


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