WordPress Reader is Acting Strangely

Do you follow my blog in the WordPress Reader? If you do, then you might be wondering why I am reposting old stuff. The short answer is, I’m not. The WordPress Reader is doing it for me – a totally unsolicitated behaviour.

The Reader is also not advertising most of my new posts. Catch 22 – right! If I try to tell WordPress Readers about this issue in a new post, will the Reader publish the new post?

Or will the Reader pick another old post like this one – How to Replace iTunes with CopyTrans Manager, which was first published in 2009. It appeared in the WordPress Reader a day ago.

This has been going on for a few months now, but I wasn’t paying attention (Christmas, New Years, travel to AZ, etc). Then I contacted a few of my regular readers. Thanks go to to Al and Faye for confirming my suspicions that the WordPress Reader had developed a mind of its own! I alerted the WordPress Happiness Engineers who say that the ‘Reader team’ has being contacted and the issue is being ‘escalated’ with them.

Even more puzzling, some of my readers are being sent to links that are a revision of one of my old posts. Since only I can see revisions, WordPress simply tells people

I’ve alerted the WordPress Happiness Engineers about that too. Perhaps they have some bugs to work out in their world of big data. Or maybe, somehow, I’ve broken my blog…

7 thoughts on “WordPress Reader is Acting Strangely

  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I never use the Reader so if there is an issue there, I’d never know 😕
    Hopefully if someone saw some odd behaviour from my blog, they’d mention it to me.

    Hope the Happiness Engineers can solve your problem!


    1. Another new problem today – people who are email subscribers are also getting strange links that don’t lead to anything. What a mystery!


        1. The Happiness Engineers admitted they caused the email problem by publishing a test post on my blog by mistake. They quickly unpublished it, but it was too late to stop the email notice from being sent.


  2. I have noticed that I sometimes do not get “alerted” to new posts via the WordPress Reader (yours as well as others), even though I get email alerts that new posts are available. I have also found that Comments often don’t work via the Reader (but if I go to your actual blog, I can comment). The trouble with “free” social media providers is the fact that they can pretty do whatever they want and we can’t do much about it.


    1. WordPress seems to tinker around with their ‘vehicle’ on a regular basis. Maybe they just haven’t got all the parts talking to one another properly right now!


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