The Revival of Conversation – Peterson, Shapiro, Rubin

Jordan Peterson (Canadian clinical psychologist and educator) and Ben Shapiro (American Jewish conservative) join Dave Rubin (American gay libertarian) for a discussion about postmodernism, religion, free speech, and rules for life.

Two of the most well-spoken advocates for freedom and responsibility take the stage on one of the best free thinking forums today. The individual versus the state, religion, gender politics, and the art of the conversation.
– The Libertarian Catholic –

In an era of goldfish-level attention spans, Rubin hosts a talk show featuring two or three people, seated in chairs, who discuss politics or society or religion for about an hour, often longer. It’s his solution to a societal trend he considers harmful to free speech.

Rubin, Shapiro and Peterson: If these three men were NFL players, their rookie cards would be worth a fortune. They aren’t quite household names, but you get the sense they will be, and anyone who’s attuned to the new media landscape knows how consequential they are.
– Kevin Ryan –

5 thoughts on “The Revival of Conversation – Peterson, Shapiro, Rubin

  1. “an era of goldfish-level attention spans … ” That pretty well explains why the voices of deep thinkers often goes unnoticed.


    1. I’m sure you know this from blogging, too. If it is light, short, and has lots of photos – you will get lots of views and comments!


  2. Three of my favorite idea men and commentators– and like yourself, I try to circulate their views as much as possible. Of course, you and I are pretty important gurus and commentators, too!! 👍😊


    1. Well… maybe you are a guru but I think my influence doesn’t extend much past my front door!


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