Not all Knowledge Comes from College – Mike Rowe, Ben Shapiro

Mike Rowe is perhaps the most down to earth, profoundly intelligent, practical person in the world. Yes, in the whole world.

In this video, Mike Rowe talks to Ben Shapiro about many things, including the skills gap that exists because young people are being educated for jobs that don’t exist while the jobs that are available go unfilled. (Don’t get upset because Ben inserts advertising – someone has to pay so you can watch this!)

We’ve become slowly and inexorably and profoundly disconnected from a lot of very basic things that, when I grew up, I was really connected to – like where my food comes from, where my energy comes from, basic history, basic curiosity, you know? The things that fundamentally allow us to assume a level of appreciation that, in my view, is the best way to bridge those gaps.

… if we don’t have appreciation… If we’re not blown away by the miracle that occurs when we flick the switch and the lights come on; if we’re not gobsmacked by flushing the toilet and seeing all of it go away; when we start losing our appreciation for those things, the gap deepens. And I think the gap right now is extraordinary.
– Mike Rowe –

4 thoughts on “Not all Knowledge Comes from College – Mike Rowe, Ben Shapiro

  1. He IS a smart man! I have one son in the finish/trim trade (woodworking) and another drives a semi. My youngest son is a graphic designer…..I guess 2 out of 3 working with their hands isn’t bad? The great part is they all love their jobs and are very good at them.


    1. I’d say your graphic designer is a tradesman too!
      When I dropped out of University, way back when, if I had finished I would have graduated with a BSc and even then, it would have taken a lot more schooling to qualify for a job. My husband had a two year Technical School diploma, and was off and running!

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      1. Yes you are right about my third son….He does a lot of hands on in applying the wraps on cars…boats…helmets…stadiums etc.


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