Ghost – That Ended The Card Game

hi again.   my name is gHosT.   i’m this blogger’s daughter’s dog.   the last time i ‘blogged’.   i was back in puppy classes again.    i think they went rather well.   for my owners.   i wasn’t as impressed.   because apparently I am going to have to get used to.   ‘coming when I’m called’.   and all sorts of other limits on  absolute freedom.

freedom to do what I want.   case in point.   is this ‘incident’ from before puppy classes.   i had a sleep-over at the aunt’s house.   the whole family was playing cards.   on this flat topped piece of wood that looked like the floor.    they called it a ‘table’.   but i didn’t have one of those at my house yet.   so how was I to know that it was off limits to me!?

i thought it would be okay.   if I joined the card game.   so with a speed that surprised even me.   i unlocked, launched and landed.   right onto the middle of the table.   then I settled down to wait.   for whatever might happen next.

for a minute, auntie and the family had that look on their faces.   that people  get when something unexpected happens.   even though that unexpected thing.   was within the realm of possibilities.   of what a free spirited puppy might do if it is… curious.

later, when Auntie was asked why she didn’t immediately scoot me down off the table.   she explained, “it was like watching a train wreck.   suddenly there was a dog in the middle of the table.   we could either get the dog off the table.   or we could all get our phones out and take pictures of the ‘damage’…”

For more stories about me, click the the tag below.   that has my name in it.   gHosT.   now you see me on the floor.   now you see me on the table.   now you see me in the dog house… again…

12 thoughts on “Ghost – That Ended The Card Game

  1. I have a cat that does something similar whenever I try to sort photographs, organize notes, or do a jigsaw puzzle with my granddaughter (I gave up trying to play solitaire on the tabletop; using the computer is far safer!) She particularly loves it when the bits of paper or puzzle pieces fly off the table and scatter themselves over and under the furniture, where she can bat them about and lose at least one!

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