Mystery Macro

Weather in Arizona – usually temperatures are described as warm, warmer, hot, hotter, or real hot. So far this year, though, warmth hasn’t been a factor here at all. With that thought in mind, can you guess what these close-up photos are?

The top photo is frost on the fabric top of a convertible.
The middle photo is frozen rain drops on the shark fin antenna of the same car.
The bottom photo is hail as it fell onto our patio table.

I’m not complaining about our Arizona cloudy, cool, sometimes rainy weather though. Our home in Canada is just coming out of ‘Deep Freeze’ mode. Wind chills have been in the -40°C to -50°C range. Sure glad we’ve missed that…

7 thoughts on “Mystery Macro

  1. Love those pictures!! We had a few days out of the deep freeze in Iowa and now we have a lot of snow with more snow and deep freeze to come…..I am so ready for spring and green grass!


    1. I just have to chuckle whenever people get excited about weather extremes. Usually there has been more extreme weather in the past, but few people bother to go look for those events. I just have to talk to my dad, who can usually come up with stories that start with “Well I remember when…”

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