5 thoughts on “Pelican

  1. I didn’t know you had a second blog … or were such a big bird watcher. I confess I know little about birds and categorize them just by colour – ie there’s a brown bird, there’s a bigger brown bird 😉

    I’ve never seen a pelican though. Great photos!


    1. All my bugs are on that blog too. I mostly cheat when it comes to bird watching – if the bird doesn’t wander into the spot where I happen to be (like my backyard), then I won’t see it. I rarely make a point of going somewhere just to look for birds.
      I am incredibly fortunate to have a friend who is probably one of the foremost birders in Canada. Once I’ve made a tentative ID, I email him the photo!
      Birding didn’t make much sense to me until I bought a camera with a zoom lens. Seeing a bird close up changes the whole experience.

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