Arizona Snow Yesterday and Today

North of Fountain Hills

Yesterday (Friday, February 22, 2019): Our Arizona back yard (north of Fountain Hills). Heavy wet snow caused quite a bit of damage to trees in our area.

North of Fountain Hills

Today (Saturday, February 23): View from our roof top patio – The Foothills just north of us.

I’m not going to complain about the cold weather and snow we’ve had here this month. It is vastly warmer than our northern home in Alberta. We are, however, flying back to Alberta for a few weeks to attend a few family events. It is still pretty cold there, but the upside is Alberta home heating systems are vastly superior! I won’t need to be sitting in my chair with a couple blankets and a heating pad, waiting for the furnace to take the chill off the room!

What has your winter been like this year?


  1. Snow, rain and freezing rain. The driveway (200′ long) is a skating rink. Fields everywhere are sheer ice; farmers are having to keep their animals in. They’re predicting high winds (>100kmph) tomorrow throughout Ontario. CRAZY!


  2. Our winter started out cold….stayed cold…now it turned snowy…very snowy with more expected along with below zero temps and wind. It is going to be interesting. It is probably typical Iowa. I will say it is pretty and so very white.


    • It sounds like winter in the northern States and Canada has been brutal, with just enough ‘better’ weather to give people hope that spring will eventually arrive!

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    • We have friends staying in a trailer in Yuma. They said the weather was not making their stay there the best they had ever had! Fortunately, the weather seems to be quickly returning to normal (though we are in Alberta for a few weeks where the forecast is for more snow and another spell of sub-sub-freezing temps.)


      • It is finally warming and returning to the weather we love and expect in the valley of the sun. Hopefully you’ll be returning because the poppies and lupines are out in full force. So pretty!


        • We were out taking pictures of poppies and lupines today. All this rain has turned our part of the foothills into a blanket of green and orange and purple and yellow mostly.

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