This and That – Owls and Grapefruits

The Lighter Side of Arts, Crafts and Leisure Activities

I’m a ‘jack of all trades’ in the crafts department. I’ve never stuck with anything long enough to get really good at it… except for collecting quotes.

On the Crafts front, I’ve been collecting red Tim’s Iced Capp straws (so I can keep them out of where ever discarded straws go in my prairie province.) I wasn’t sure what to make out of them until I saw this sculpture by the artist David Moreno who makes these out of steel rods. I think I could use my red straws for a project like this – I have just about enough straws for the house on the far left…

In some Future Time or State

I believe in the hereafter.
Every time I walk into a room, I ask, “What am I here after?”
– Author Unknown –

Grapefruit and the Post Office

We have a grapefruit tree at the Arizona house. Sometimes the fruit is oddly shaped, but it is delicious. I am more than optimistic that there will be enough fruit to last me until we go home, in addition to the fruit we will take to the post office every few days. No, we don’t mail it. Our post office simply has a box on a bench near the door where people share their fruit harvest.

Our post office also has an ‘alpha box’. This is a series of ‘pigeon holes’, each with a letter of the alphabet on it. You can ‘mail’ letters to anyone in our community (without buying postage) by putting them in the appropriate alpha box.

A Great Horned Owl on the Fence

It is impossible to not be optimistic about life when a Great Horned Owl sits on your fence.

He respects Owl, because you can’t help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn’t spell it right.
– A. A. Milne –

How to Know When a Politician is Out of Touch

Catherine McKenna is Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change. She was lamenting about the cold. She had apparently not noticed how cold Canada gets every winter.

What examples have you heard where politicians in your community appear to have lost touch with common sense?

One Thing Leads to Another – Telemarketers

We are kind of like this dog when it comes to our home phone. Even though we know that 99% of the time a ringing home phone is a telemarketer, we still go over to the phone to check the call display!

Apparently, the best way to get a telemarketer to stop calling you is to say: “Please put me on your do not call list.” Don’t give them any other information. Don’t engage with them. Don’t get upset.

One of my daughters used to respond to telemarketers by immediately putting her Small Child on the phone. Small Child was always full of questions and observations. Telemarketers with heavy foreign accents were easy prey for a boy without much of a filter between his young brain and his mouth.

14 thoughts on “This and That – Owls and Grapefruits

  1. Most of my crank calls are recordings. I wish I could send a recording back that would put them on hold for a few hours. The peace and quiet would be heavenly.


  2. What examples have you heard where politicians in your community appear to have lost touch with common sense?

    Well, we had a state senator who said he was in 100% agreement with AOC. Does that count?


    1. AOC is just about the most poorly informed woman ever! She may be the Republicans biggest weapon for getting Trump re-elected.


  3. That’s so wonderful sharing fruit and sending letters to each other without stamps. Sounds like your Arizona home is in a lovely community.


  4. I’m so glad to know there’s someone else who can’t stick to one thing long enough to excel at it. 😉
    Lovely owl on your fence — that would have shocked me so much, not sure I would have thought to take a picture!


    1. Yes, I am the Queen of unfinished projects…
      My home ‘office’ is a desk in the living room. The window looks out over the back yard and I can open it and have a clear ‘shot’ to photograph any birds that come into view.

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  5. When I was 7 my mother said I would be a Jack of all trades. I replied, “Then why did you name me Andrew?” Then she started throwing pillows at me…


  6. I like the harvest sharing box at the post office, and the alpha one – such sensible ideas.


    1. Our post office is a special place, staffed by special people. Just before Christmas, the staff would phone the residents to tell them that their parcels had arrived. It was the best way for them to keep making room for the incoming mail and parcels.


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