Mystery Macro

Mystery Macro. The Car Guy was playing with the macro (close-up) setting on my little Panasonic camera. What do you think he took a picture of? Hint, he was sitting at his desk, enjoying his breakfast beverage.  (Answer at the end of this post).

The Quippery

Fun with fruit – Topaz Studio Rembrandt filter

Sometimes you don’t have what you thought you had, but what you got was pretty good… In this case, the landscaper told us he had planted a navel orange tree, and it turns out we probably have a tangelo. Seedless fruit, a bit hard to peel, with a distinctive bump on the top – a nice fruit for breakfast.

Answer to the Mystery Macro – the handle of a black coffee mug with reflections from the window.

8 thoughts on “Mystery Macro

    1. Isn’t that just the way it goes. The Car Guy isn’t all that interested in taking pictures, then fires off an interesting close-up on a camera he doesn’t know how to use…


    1. If you have a shiny black coffee mug, then look at the handle to see what has been captured there!


      1. Haha, you’ve got ‘previous’ as they say in the crime dramas! Just hit link and founds it’s an amusing photostory.


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