Red Poppies – Filters

How does the colour red make you feel?
Do you wear red clothes?
Do you decorate with red?
Do you drive a red car?
Do birds poop more on red cars than other colour cars?
Do you have red hair? (Apparently only about 2% of people are redheaded).
How many red flowers are in your garden? (I don’t have that many at the Red House. Tulips and poppies, mostly. At the Bland Beige House, I have Valentine’s bushes, bottlebrushes and fairy dusters.)

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14 thoughts on “Red Poppies – Filters

  1. I just realized I don’t own any clothing at all with red. Interesting. I never thought about it until you asked!


  2. I drive a read car and own a red motorcycle; I have red Southern Belle hibiscus in my yard. I think the only red clothing I own is a t-shirt. My sister and both daughters-in-law are redheads. It’s a colour that, to me, says, “Celebrate!”


  3. No red, thank you. Not a colour I particularly like.

    Having said that, if someone gave me a little red Jeep, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t turn it down 🙂


    1. I used to have a little red Jeep, and I regret we didn’t ship it to Canada instead of selling it in Qatar. I loved it!


      1. If I was going to drive a red vehicle, it would be a sporty little Jeep. I *need* a sporty little Jeep in my life 🙂


  4. I love red and drive a red truck and have a closet filled with red. Love your images … fun edits!


    1. Red is a good truck colour! We had a Lil’ Red Express for a while but the people we bought it from decided they wanted it back. We couldn’t justify keeping it, knowing it had such sentimental value to them.

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