Great Blue Heron

Sun Lakes Arizona
Take off
Sun Lakes Arizona
Landing gear down!

Sun Lakes Arizona

Tonto Arizona
An immature bird
Greater Vancouver British Columbia
A skilled fisherman

Sun Lakes Arizona

Up on the roof top
Shaggy breeding feathers

The Feather Files
Name: Great Blue Heron
Species: Ardea herodias
Native to and Migration: Partial – birds leave the northern edge of their breeding range to fly as far south as the Caribbean. Birds in the Pacific Northwest and south Florida are present year-round.
Date Seen: April 2019; February 2019; August 2014
Location: Sun Lakes, Chandler, Arizona, USA; Tonto Golf Course, Arizona, USA; Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

Many thanks to our friends at Sun Lakes Arizona for a great week-end of laughing, bird watching, car shopping, apricot tree netting and interesting food experiences!


2 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron

  1. Excellent photos of the herons! I saw one here yesterday, so they are starting to return here now for the summer.


    1. I don’t see them very often when in Alberta, but here in AZ they are frequent visitors to a golf course water hazard that is a 5 minute walk from our house!


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