Mildly Amusing Missives – Tweets

What You Should Know About Naps

Too Many Words

How Much of your Day is Spent in Landscape Mode?

Trump Derangement Syndrome

So You Want Something for Nothing

Will Great Britain Ever Leave the EU?

But after two years of watching one deadline give way to the next, does anyone really believe Britain will meet this one?
– Emma Ross-Thomas, Bloomberg –

Who You Were Will be More Important Than Who you Became
So You Think You are Overtaxed?

Canadian Taxes on Gasoline: Federal Tax, Provincial Tax, Sales Tax and Carbon Tax.

On the Food Front

Bathroom Thoughts

Ever notice that public restrooms sometimes mount the paper towel dispenser so high that the water drips up your arms when you reach for the towel? (Or maybe that is just something that happens to short people…) Some restrooms only have air blowers and they are so weak you finally just wipe your hands on your pants.

Do you agree that you should  “Avoid using the handicapped stall unless you are entitled to do so?” I think that is bad advice. The handicapped are perfectly capable of waiting a few minutes for their stall to become available and it is silly to leave a stall vacant when there is a long line of people waiting to use the facilities.

What did you find Mildly Amusing this week?

10 thoughts on “Mildly Amusing Missives – Tweets

  1. I love thoughts of a dog. It makes me laugh.I found it mildly amusing that that my own dog would not come to me but galloped to her grandpupparents when they called her.


  2. The chances that the guy ahead of you at the McDonalds drive-through is ordering for his crew of 10 is directly proportional to how late you are to get somewhere.


  3. I laughed out loud at a few of these – bathroom light switches for one!

    This practice of ‘I’m giving you this great opportunity to work for free’ really annoys me. I love the musician’s response.


    1. Something for nothing really only works at Costco when they give out free samples and it’s near lunch time. Unless your husband is with you, and he wants to buy all the products he tries.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m trying to imagine how the musician would sell their CD’s. A folded tent card on each table? Regular sales pitches between songs?


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