DoodleChaoes – Line Riders – Blue Danube (Video)

DoodleChaos has a new Line Riders upload on YouTube. Be sure to watch to the very end – best chuckle of the day!

The DoodleChaos artist, Mark Robbins, draws with Line Rider, an online application that allows you to make videos by drawing lines on which, Bosh, a little person on a sleigh, slides along the path you draw.

Mark matches the movement of the Line Rider with the music he has chosen. If you want to understand just how difficult and time consuming this is, go to the Line Rider site (click play to start) and try drawing a few lines! See if you can keep the little sledder from crashing!

This is the track I drew (after a lot of tries…)
And this is what happened to the Line Rider as he attempted that last climb…


15 thoughts on “DoodleChaoes – Line Riders – Blue Danube (Video)

  1. Oh my goodness this is remarkable. I admire their talent. Thanks for posting this, it brought a welcomed smile to my day! 😀


  2. That was remarkable how Mark Robbins paired the music to the doodle. I’m going to share it with a music major who will get a kick out of it for sure. I shared the Bach Google Doodle a while back and she really enjoyed it. And now to try my skills (or lack thereof).


    1. Good luck with your drawing! I found it very hard to draw a smooth line with a mouse. My husband had better luck on his ipad, but his Line Rider crashed just like mine did.

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      1. The first line I drew too high and I had a crash, so the next line I did better but he ultimately crashed. It was fun trying and it must have been painstaking to do what Mark Robbins did.

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  3. Thanks for the link.

    I also think there must be a (hidden) setting that lets you draw a smooth line. I have an Intuos tablet with a pen and it’s still very difficult drawing lines as smooth as he does.

    Still, a lot of fun to play. The only disappointment is that the export function outputs a *.webm movie that is not easily translated to mp4. Also, trying to upload it to YouTube results in a very short video that plays very fast.

    I’ve looked around for additional help but I don’t see how casual users can draw smoothly or output their creation in a usable medium.

    Still, fun to play with . . . especially the part where I was trying to have him do a loop . . . the sled made it, but he fell off. Apparently, he’s not smart enough to hang on.

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    1. I agree – this is kind of like trying to bake a cake from a recipe that is missing some key ingredients.


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