Chaos in the Garden

This is one of my flower beds. It has been over 20 years in the making. In that time, a small tree grew – casting more and more deep shade. The plants that liked sun weren’t so happy about this. Some died – I thought. So I planted others, only to have the dead sometimes reappear (yes, tulips, I’m talking about you and your splashes of red in a bed that once was yellow, blue and purple!)

This year I gave up on order and accepted plant Chaos. Even chaos will take time, though. There are bare spots where some things, like my bleeding hearts, all died this past winter. As George W. Bush said:

Topaz Studio filter “Ghost Town”

What George Bush actually said was “…And, you know, it’ll take time to restore chaos and order – order out of chaos. But we will.” Some media outlets shortened the quote to “It will take time to restore chaos” which triggered the usual crowd to make fun of him – but I think the shortened quote perfectly describes my new gardening mantra.

Topaz Studio filter “HDR”

Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.
– Henry Adams –

Topaz Studio filter “Rock”

Chaos is roving through the system and able to undo, at any point, the best laid plans.
– Terence McKenna –

Topaz Studio filter “3D Sketch”

Chaos is not the lack of order, it is merely the absence of order, that the observer is used to.
– Mamur Mustapha –

Topaz Studio filter “Abstract”

All of these photos were altered with Topaz Studio filters.

What say you – which photo is most chaotic?

16 thoughts on “Chaos in the Garden

    1. That’s one of my favourites too. Makes it look like fall, even though it is a spring photo.


  1. Wonderful flower beds. I bet the butterflies and bees think it a delicious buffet. The chaotic paintbrush of mother nature is usually more breathtaking than we humans can imagine sometimes. 😀


    1. Chaos and ‘next year country’. I’m always thinking about how a change or addition this year will affect next year!


  2. Beautiful! I have always loved chaos best with regards to flowers in nature!

    I love the original photo and the first photo with filter.


    1. You live in such a great location to observe nature. Our family spent many hours exploring the river valley and botanic gardens when we lived on your street, Pam!


    1. Good eye, Dor. The layout of the beds and walks is well defined. The inhabitants – not so much any more.


  3. I love the “chaos” garden! The colors are gorgeous. My flower garden has turned to grass with my flowers struggling to grow and bloom….I may need to redo….soon.


    1. Thanks Faye. I’m sure you will get your flower garden sorted around once your health returns.
      It is a constant battle at our place to keep grass, dandelions and thistles from taking over. I spot treat with a herbicide in the spring. The weeds usually are robust and hearty before the flowers even get started. The rest of the year I have to dig out the weeds.


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