This and That – Marble Machine, Tucson Police Dept

Not Too Serious Politics

Albrecht Dürer and Parti Rhinocéros
Logo used by the Rhinoceros Party of Canada in the 20th century. Taken from the 1515 ink drawing by the German painter Albrecht Dürer.

The Parti Rhinocéros or Rhinoceros Party, was a Canadian political party from 1963 to 1993.

Informally called ‘The Rhinos’, the party was started  by Jacques Ferron, a Canadian physician and author. The rhinoceros was chosen as their symbol  because politicians are: “thick-skinned, slow-moving, dim-witted, can move fast as hell when in danger…”

The organizers said they were Marxist-Lennonist, which was a tip of the hat to Groucho Marx and John Lennon. The party platform was described as being ‘two feet high and made of wood’.

Music from a Marble Machine

Isn’t this just about the most amazing machine you have ever seen?

More from Wintergaten.

A Clothes Dryer

I saw a cartoon that showed two women standing in the backyard, admiring a nicely pegged line of clothes on a clothesline. The one woman remarks, “It dries the washing using the very latest technology – a combination of solar and wind power.”

How many of you remember using that technology? There was little to nothing blissful about it. It was brutal in the winter, wicked on a windy day, useless when it was raining and shitty when some birds landed on the lines.

I love my dryer…

Watching a Snow Video in the Summer

This Video was especially funny the first time we saw it because we were in Arizona during the storm.

Things That Tell The Truth

Small Children
Drunk People
Yoga Pants

What would you add to this list of things that tell the truth?

9 thoughts on “This and That – Marble Machine, Tucson Police Dept

  1. I still love the smell of laundry that’s been dried on the line (especially bed linens). I use my clothesline as often as I can in good weather, but do revert to the electric dryer in winter. I still remember the smell of flannel diapers drying on top of the radiators in our house in the late 50s when my mother would bring them in, frozen, from the line in winter! As for what I’d add to your list of things that tell the truth: your credit card statement.


    1. Not just the machine, either! The operator has to have the skill to operate it. Doesn’t that give you hope for mankind in our world of ever increasing machinery?


      1. lol, a few years ago they started making two piece suits that you could buy two different sizes. Then, they started making bottoms that are a lot like running shorts. Let’s just say, I’m more at ease on the beach these days.


        1. I’ve found a few one and two piece ones that have a light, airy skirt. Wonderful, but looks a bit odd in the water because it floats…
          I’ll never understand why store fitting rooms use harsh lighting and horrible mirrors…

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