Some of Me Has Moved

After much thought about whether to change my blog URL, or move, I decided start a new blog – now with the Amusives URL. It was easy to do. WordPress changes the address on all the posts and pages; and updates all the media addresses. All my stats remain.

Unfortunately, all the comments I’ve ever made on other WordPress blogs don’t get updated completely. The URL that people click would be the old site address, which would be broken. My gravatar profile (photo and the links I have entered) is always updated  with the information I entered in my profile.

Another downside is that every site that has created a link to the old blog address has become a broken link. Also, my google ranking for some things will tank for some period of time. (I have a handful of posts that have been popular for years thanks to how they rank with google!)

Before I embarked on this ‘you can’t go back’ change, I wanted to find out how readers find my new posts:

1. Are you an email subscriber?
2. Do you follow on the WordPress Reader (you clicked the ‘Follow’ link)?
3. Do you use a feed reader such as Feedly?
4. Do you follow links on my Facebook page?
5. Do you follow links on Twitter?
6. Do you visit me after I have left a comment on your blog?
7. Do you stop by now and then just to see what is new?

So, why the change? I can’t really explain the logic as to why I had to do this, but I did.

woman lift moveMaybe it was because I have been blogging for Ten Years and needed a change.

Maybe it is because my computer is still at the repair shop and I have spent over two weeks working with a computer toolbox where all the ‘screwdrivers’ are now ‘pliers’ and there isn’t a ‘hammer’ to be had.

Maybe it is because it is cold and rainy and my fingers shouldn’t get numb trying to pick raspberries in August.

Maybe, maybe, maybe…