When Life Gives you Lemons

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” This is a motivational phrase that encourages optimism and a positive attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune.

So, here is my Lemon story:

Bad news: My Lenovo Computer got fried and it was going to cost a grievous amount to fix it.
Good news: The ASUS Computer I bought to replace it had more features than the Lenovo, and cost less than the Lenovo had… maybe that should have been a warning sign.

Bad news: The ASUS was temperamental and did not always play well with Windows updates.
Good news: The store where I bought it has a helpful geek who could always fix the computer within minutes of my arrival (unannounced).

Bad news: The ASUS got stuck in BIOS diagnostic mode last weekend. Diagnosis: the hard drive died. The computer had to go to the computer hospital for repairs.
Good news: The computer is still under warranty.
And more good news: There is an ASUS repair depot in my Canadian province – otherwise the computer would have had to be shipped to Texas.

My 9 year old Sony laptop – slow, but steady. Built to last!

Good news: My last data back up was 7 days previous, so I didn’t lose too much stuff.
Good news/bad news:  My back-up computer is a nine year old Sony laptop with Windows 7.

It was a speedy machine back in the day. Today – it is feeling its age. It took a few hours to prod it into action. I updated the OS, installed a Security system, and downloaded a few of the programs I like to use for photos. I was good to go. The computer, on the other hand, has let me know it has a few strict guidelines:
– it will not say, for certain, that it will work and play well with any of those newer, snooty programs that believe Windows 7 is old and outdated.
– it doesn’t like to multi-task. Therefore it will not guarantee that any task I ask it to do in the morning will be completed before mid afternoon, if I am also asking it to do something else.

A bit more bad news: It is also dawning on me how many things I didn’t back up – like web browser bookmarks and all the little digital post-it notes on my ‘desktop’. I’ve also lost quite a few flower photos that I had recently downloaded from a new camera.

The Lemonade part of the story. I’ve had a home computer of some description for over 30 years. This is the first time a hard drive has failed and the worst case scenario is I’ve lost a very, very small portion of the data I’ve accumulated in that time. In the big scheme of things, this is a nothing event!

When you have finished backing up the data on your computer, do tell me the worst computer failure you have had!

4 thoughts on “When Life Gives you Lemons

  1. My trusty Windows 7 desktop computer (that my husband built from scratch in 2012) started slowing down, stalling out, and misbehaving in November of 2018. Hubby installed Windows 10 and did a few “tweaks” on the system, but by February it was acting up again. He replaced the motherboard and upgraded the hard drive and memory; everything ran fine until one morning in June when it made a horrible screeching sound and wouldn’t do a thing. It took my computer genius husband a couple of days to manage to get diagnostic info from it; turns out the new motherboard had died. The “Good News” is that, after buying another (different manufacturer) motherboard and installing it, the computer remembered everything and started right up (we didn’t think it would do that – I was NOT looking forward to reinstalling the OS and all my software and, perhaps, transferring over my files – which hadn’t been backed up for at least 6 weeks). I use an external hard drive for backups and I KNOW I should do it more often, but it usually takes a scare or two to make me remember (so thanks for that!!!)


    1. You are so lucky to have a husband that can do that sort of thing! My Windows 7 laptop was too old to upgrade to Windows 10. Hoping it will just keep ticking until the ASUS is fixed.
      I’m going to rethink my backup strategy, that’s for sure!


  2. Wow, you definitely got off easy! I’ve heard too many disaster stories not to see the good fortune in your story. Touch wood but I’ve so far been lucky with all computer purchases and have not yet suffered a catastrophic event. I put it down to the weeks of research I put in before buying anything (and I mean anything – toasters, irons, suitcases, software, washing powder….)


    1. Glad you have had smooth sailing!
      I’m a researcher too, but at time of purchase (here in Canada) availability becomes the issue. The latest and greatest anything might be for sale in the USA, but it isn’t sold or supported in Canada!


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