If a Man says He Will Fix it

Mike Holmes the Make It Right Building expert, is more than a man with a hammer. His simple philosophy is to do things the right way – with your head, your heart, and your hands. He educates and inspires viewers like us.

The QuipperyOur home is about 39 years old. We purchased it 28 years ago, and for the past 15 years it has supplied us with a never ending list of things to repair and upgrade. If Holmes had been called in to assess some of our reno projects, he would have said, “This should never have been built this way.” Other projects – he would have said, “This met code when it was built, but it doesn’t today. Fix it.”

Holmes has taken up residence in our head. Every time we pick up a hammer or saw, our first thought is, what would Holmes do? The fictional character Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek also lives in our head. He inspires us to “Make It So.” Armed with these inspirations and a good selection of sharp tools to occasionally draw blood with, we set off each day on a mission.

Home Renovator’s Serenity Prayer: Higher Power (internet, Home Depot, library, family) – Grant me the courage (balls) to fix the things I can, the humility to call in the pros when I’m in over my head, and the wisdom to know the difference.
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Home renovation shows make everything look pretty fast and easy. In just half an hour, an outdated, grungy bathroom is transformed into a candidate for Better Homes and Gardens. Real reality, as opposed to television reality, means that bathroom was a disaster zone for several months or more!

Real reality often means that the only reason the project ever gets finished is because the house is being put up for sale. At least, that was how it worked out in one of our previous abodes. The project wasn’t even a reno. Just a repair.

One cold and blustery Christmas Day, I was cooking a turkey dinner. Twenty guests were gathering around the table in anticipation of the feast. Just as I was taking the bird out of the oven, I heard an unexpected sound, like escaping water, coming from the nearby laundry room. The water was escaping all right, from a gradually enlarging hole in the ceiling. A water pipe had frozen and then burst. We turned off the water supply and had dinner. After a leisurely meal, men with glasses of wine in one hand and sundry tools in the other, headed for the laundry room. Several hours later, the pipe was repaired and the water was back on.

The laundry room ceiling now had a hole in it measuring about 1 foot by 1 foot. We decided to let the whole thing dry for a while. For a while stretched into a long while, which might have been forever had we not had to sell the house…

What reno project or repair in your house is still waiting patiently for the finishing touches?

Are plumbing repairs blue jobs or a pink jobs at your house? What about drywall repair?

5 thoughts on “If a Man says He Will Fix it

  1. We lived in our previous house for 15 years; the basement bathroom was a dingy space with an unusable shower, outdated toilet and rusty sink. My husband was the only one who would use it (it was close to the garage). Over the years, every room EXCEPT that bathroom got renovated (mostly by me; we did have the other two bathrooms redone by a skilled contractor, though). Just before we put the house up for sale, my husband decided he’d redo the basement bathroom- by himself! It took over three months and, had we not just invested in a new home and retirement dream, could have ended our marriage (the mess, the complaints, the frustrations of a man who is brilliant with machinery, but not a plumber or drywall finisher!) I’m pretty sure that “new” bathroom was ripped out and replaced by the new owners, as was (apparently) just about everything else in the house. Such a waste. We need to completely redo the ensuite in this house; and we’ll definitely be calling in the pros (as an interesting “aside”, a friend of ours sold his mother’s house a couple of years ago to Mike Holmes – who bought it to renovate for HIS mother! I would love to see what he did with it!)


    1. I’d love to see a Mike Holmes renovation too!
      We’ve been renovating our master bedroom/bathroom for over a year now. I’m really pleased with the result, though I’m not holding out any hope that hubby will get the rest of the flooring down soon!


      1. I keep putting off doing our ensuite because of the disruption I know will ensue (we’re going for a pro job this time!) I need to get on with it, though – time’s a wasting!


    1. We’ve got one of those too! I’ve touched up the plaster twice now and twice it leaked again. Hopefully the roofer got it sorted out – but I’m going to wait for a few more months before I cover the stain.

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