Daylight Saving Time

A Guide to Changing the time on your Clocks:
1. Smart Phone – Leave it Alone. It does it with Magic
2. Appliances – You’ll need a Masters in Electronic Engineering or a hammer.
3. Sundial – Move one house to the right.
4. Car Clock – Not worth it. Wait six months.
– Internet Meme –

Daylight savings time—why are they saving it, and where do they keep it?
– Author Unknown –

Twice a year, we go through the ritual of resetting our clocks – our part of Canada  observes Daylight Saving Time.  Actually, it is The Car Guy who performs the clock changing task. He used to be pretty thorough about the job, but with the advent of digital clocks in just about every appliance, he has given up. He sets the most critical ones, and leaves the rest to fend for themselves. It doesn’t really matter much whether the water softener cycles an hour later for six months of the year. It does matter if the furnace comes on an hour after we get up…

I don’t mind going back to daylight saving time. With inflation, the hour will be the only thing I’ve saved all year.
– Victor Borge –

“Whatever” Clock

It is rather ironic for me to talk about time. I have never worn a watch. I can tell you what year it is, and what month it is, but I won’t know exactly what day of the month it is. I might be able to tell you what day of the week it is, and I will certainly know whether it is morning, afternoon, or evening. But I won’t know what time it is, to the exact minute – so my ‘Whatever’ clock is close enough for most of my purposes.

“ISH” Time

clockMany years ago, I spotted the perfect clock for me.  I should have bought it, but didn’t, and regretted the decision for a long time. I eventually made a similar clock for myself, and it is one of my most valuable possessions. It runs on “ish” time. If it was true to the original, it would not have the minute hand on it. But I consult this clock when I want to know the time more precisely than the “Whatever” clock. So, I put the minute hand on. Visiting children love this clock. Actually what they love is turning the hands. After a visit from them I have to reset the time and take a few kinks out of the hands.

One of the ways the telegraph changed us as humans was it gave us a new sense of what time it is. It gave us an understanding of simultaneity. It gave us the ability to synchronize clocks from one place to another. It made it possible for the world to have standard time and time zones and then Daylight Savings Time and then after that jetlag. All of that is due to the telegraph because, before that, the time was whatever it was wherever you were.
– James Gleick –

Middle East Clock

The kitchen clock was a purchase I made in the Middle East. The numerals are Eastern Arabic. It is amazing how many people look at this clock, read the time, but don’t notice the numerals.

Digital Clocks

One of our children attended two different schools in one year. It was the grade where children are taught how to tell time. The one school taught the concept near the beginning of the term; the other school taught it near the middle of the term – and she missed both lessons in the transition.

We didn’t realize until some months later that she couldn’t tell time on a regular clock. We had lots of digital clocks, so telling the time wasn’t a problem for her – though we should have guessed something was up when she would say the time was 9:15, not quarter past 9.

You will never find anybody who can give you a clear and compelling reason why we observe “Daylight Saving Time.”
– Dave Barry

Lots of Quotes about Time: If you have the time, here is the link to all my quotations about time: Time Quotations

How disruptive is Daylight Savings Time for you?

23 thoughts on “Daylight Saving Time

  1. I can deal with the hour change, but the dogs still want to be fed on the old time. Their biological clocks never lie.


  2. Yesterday seemed longer. Our sleep schedule is off a bit, but by the time it’s time to Spring-forward, we’ll be adjusted and then have to adjust all over again. 😉
    I enjoyed your thoughts and I love your clocks.
    Wishing you joy and happiness whatever the time. 😀


    1. Sadly, I’m going to have to do the clock thing several times. When we go south for part of the winter, the time zone changes again.
      Joy to you in your time zone!

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  3. Your clock images were as interesting as the post Margy. I got a new battery for the car this Summer and so the clock was 12 minutes off. I figured I would fix it at time change. I have not dragged out the car book, some 250 pages to figure how to change it … my former car, I put a cheat sheet in the glove box. Now I will get in the car and count back an hour and 12 minutes – I’ll likely have to resort to hunkering down and studying the book to set it properly.


    1. Those are just a few of my clocks. I have a large section of a wall just for clocks. There are so many interesting ones. No two say the same time, of course!
      Good luck with your car clock! The manuals are always so difficult to find anything in!

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        1. I didn’t mean to collect clocks – but one day I realized I already had quite a few scattered throughout the house. So I put them all on one wall, and next thing I knew people were giving me clocks as gifts. It just grew from there.

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          1. I see, but I like the idea of a wall of clocks –
            that is unique. My late mother collected ducks … figurines, wooden decoys, plates featuring ducks … and she expanded to include a few roosters and geese, The house is done in early American, so the addition of all these feathered treasures did not look out of place at all – there is a Scotch plaid wool goose sitting at the end of the hall. I collect teddy bears – I was allergic to them as a child and after starting immunotherapy in 1975, I am no longer allergic and one year my mom bought me one teddy bear and said “since you could not enjoy them when you should have” … it morphed from there and I now have 52 and stopped collecting them about 20 years ago as there was nowhere to put them.

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  4. I had to change 12 clocks (not including the ones in the cars; my new Subaru has a simple – + option that makes it easy – gotta love the Japanese approach!) I’ve gotten pretty adept at the appliances, as we get quite a few power outages here in the country (fortunately the furnace thermostat as battery backup!) I much prefer battery operated clocks with simple dials for changing the time; why aren’t most things in life that easy? I’m with B.C. (and all those other places that have cancelled “Daylight Savings Time”) – let’s get rid of the twice-yearly change and just adopt Standard Time. No more grief and days of jet lag!


    1. I’m with you on getting rid of Daylight Savings Time. It seems like more people are questioning whether there is any cost saving from doing it. Apparently the negative effect it has on people might not be worth the effort!


  5. I love the “ish” clock! I personally don’t care if we would never have to change the clock. I don’t care which one they choose….standard or daylight savings time…I just wish they would choose one. My husband would choose DST as he hates when it gets dark so early at night.


  6. I like clocks and I like watches. I have many of them.

    I too have always regretted not buying the ‘whatever’ clock, but I do have a ‘backwards’ clock. It literally runs backwards and appeals to my sense of the odd and unusual. Most people however can’t read it. I used to keep it in my office at work and my once-upon-a-time-ago boss absolutely hated it.

    I know many people hate the semi-annual changing of the clocks. It’s never bothered me though and quite frankly I rather like the changing of the clocks as one of those markers of the seasonal passing.

    … and as I’m writing this, I just realized that one of the clocks in my kitchen hasn’t been changed. I think I’m in a time gap 😉


    1. Wow – a clock that runs backwards! I’ll have to see if I can find one of those to add to my clock wall.
      I think we only change 4 clocks. The others are either an hour out for half the year, or change automatically. Then there are the ones that only get reset when they need new batteries!


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