10th Anniversary – Fueled by Chocolate

I started blogging Ten Years ago because I was feeling Invisible. I thought that blogging would give me an opportunity to express my thoughts about what it was like to be a woman who is older than all of her kitchen appliances, older than the house she lives in, but not as old as the dirt in the yard. A women who society had decided was too old to be beautiful and energetic, and too young to be wise and full of character. An Invisible Woman.

It didn’t actually take many blog posts to exhaust the subject of being oldish and ignored, so I moved on to examining the evil Beauty Empire whose income depended on making women think they are not beautiful. Older women were offered dangerous potions to banish grey hair and wrinkles. Younger women were enticed into halls of cosmetics and lairs of surgeons who promised to make all their dreams come true – for a price. Even young girls were made to believe they were not pretty enough or thin enough.

With the Beauty Industry firmly admonished, the rest of my blogging career alternately galloped and stalled (I know, a mixed metaphor). The Great Cabin Flood and The Car Guy’s Motorcycle Accident supplied lots of material, but pretty much killed any desire to write about it. Taking Photos of Nature, on the other hand, provided more material than I will ever be able to use.

Six months ago, with the Tenth Anniversary rapidly approaching, I set the goal of publishing 1000 posts in 10 years. With this post, I’m excited to report I am… about 78 posts short of 1000. I think it is safe to say I won’t have 1100 posts finished by this time next year either… drat, I really liked the synchronicity of the numbers.

I even contemplated not blogging any more – but that didn’t fit with all the things I’ve been doing and seeing. Things like:

Literary Origami (Better known as Book folding)

Scrumble Crochet – (Also called Freeform Crochet)

Moose on the Loose (Always a surprise when you wake up and find one ambling across the field behind the house)


These are just a few of the many items that all want to be entered into my Codex Vitae (a capture of things I’ve learned). Watch for their stories in the weeks and months to come!

How long have you been blogging? If you don’t blog, do you scrapbook or have another way of capturing the story of your life?