10th Anniversary – Fueled by Chocolate

I started blogging Ten Years ago because I was feeling Invisible. I thought that blogging would give me an opportunity to express my thoughts about what it was like to be a woman who is older than all of her kitchen appliances, older than the house she lives in, but not as old as the dirt in the yard. A women who society had decided was too old to be beautiful and energetic, and too young to be wise and full of character. An Invisible Woman.

It didn’t actually take many blog posts to exhaust the subject of being oldish and ignored, so I moved on to examining the evil Beauty Empire whose income depended on making women think they are not beautiful. Older women were offered dangerous potions to banish grey hair and wrinkles. Younger women were enticed into halls of cosmetics and lairs of surgeons who promised to make all their dreams come true – for a price. Even young girls were made to believe they were not pretty enough or thin enough.

With the Beauty Industry firmly admonished, the rest of my blogging career alternately galloped and stalled (I know, a mixed metaphor). The Great Cabin Flood and The Car Guy’s Motorcycle Accident supplied lots of material, but pretty much killed any desire to write about it. Taking Photos of Nature, on the other hand, provided more material than I will ever be able to use.

Six months ago, with the Tenth Anniversary rapidly approaching, I set the goal of publishing 1000 posts in 10 years. With this post, I’m excited to report I am… about 78 posts short of 1000. I think it is safe to say I won’t have 1100 posts finished by this time next year either… drat, I really liked the synchronicity of the numbers.

I even contemplated not blogging any more – but that didn’t fit with all the things I’ve been doing and seeing. Things like:

Literary Origami (Better known as Book folding)

Scrumble Crochet – (Also called Freeform Crochet)

Moose on the Loose (Always a surprise when you wake up and find one ambling across the field behind the house)


These are just a few of the many items that all want to be entered into my Codex Vitae (a capture of things I’ve learned). Watch for their stories in the weeks and months to come!

How long have you been blogging? If you don’t blog, do you scrapbook or have another way of capturing the story of your life?

33 thoughts on “10th Anniversary – Fueled by Chocolate

  1. Congratulations on the milestone. I’ll hit ten years in February, but will have over 5,000 posts up by then, admittedly some better than others. As long as it is fun, keep doing it.


  2. My tenth anniversary will be next August; I have significantly fewer posts than you (I’m at a little over 200 right now); my original goals was a post a week (so 500 or so total in 10 years); 250 might be a more reasonable milestone for me now that I’m “back in the saddle again”. Congratulations on your lack of invisibility! I’ve enjoyed everything you’re written so far.


    1. Do you remember when WordPress was encouraging us to post once a day!? I tried it for a while, but just couldn’t do it! My average over the ten years was 1.773076923076923 posts a week…


      1. I loved the “word of the day” prompts; I did get inspired to post a few times as a result. It seems WordPress really doesn’t care anymore about quantity (or quality!) or about helping us find followers, etc. (I haven’t found much on their “Discover” page that sparks MY interest). I suppose we just have to keep on slogging along and see what happens.

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    1. Thanks Dor. I think all our idea books are blank sometimes and full others. The most important thing is that you lead a happy, busy life – which certainly shines through in your blog.


  3. Happy 10th Blogging Anniversary.
    It’s been a joy to blog along with you over the years.
    Your photos and thoughts are super. You’ve brought many a smile to my life.
    Thanks so much for being here. I look forward to many more years ahead.

    I’ve been blogging since the early 2000’s. I originally used a different blog host. After a few years, I found WP and I stuck with them as a host.
    I’ve built and closed several blogs over the many years I’ve been blogging.
    I thought about quitting blogging, but I haven’t been able too.
    I think I’m addicted to the wonderful bloggers and visitors who’ve become a pleasant part of my life.


    1. Thanks for the kind words, E.C. Your blog says so much about your creativity – I don’t know how you have time to blog when you are so busy doing all those interesting projects!

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  4. Oh boy, not sure I’d be up for a moose in the morning!
    Congrats on the 10 years! I think I’m closing in on four myself. It’ll be a looong while before I reach 1,000 posts though! 😉


    1. The moose sighting was one of those times where I expected to see the ‘same old, same old’, then did a double take because there were two dark blobs out in the field behind our fence. I got my glasses and my camera and sure enough – two moose!( I really want to say two mooses or meese, but the plural of moose is moose…)

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  5. Congratulations Margy with this 10-year milestone. I started blogging in February 2013 but had just one neighbor and one friend following me until November 2017 when a WordPress blogger discovered my blog. I said “how did you find this blog?” He was/is a poet and likes trees (his moniker is “Uncle Tree”) and I had written about trees on my walk that day. Then it kind of morphed with the followers – not as many as yours, but it grew in leaps and bounds – I was amazed. My aim is to have 1,400 posts by the end of this year – I am like you … I like that number and have 18 more posts to go so I think it is doable. I have several photo shoots and blog posts still in my head that I will use before year end. How interesting how your blog has morphed, changed direction through the years. I will look forward to the posts you have “teased” us with.


      1. It is Margy and people are surprised to hear me say that I was blogging from February 2013 to November 2017 with only two regular commenters (my neighbor and a fellow walker/friend) and both were outside the WordPress family – I enjoy blogging so much more now.


  6. Midge, you have NEVER been invisible! Congrats on your ‘teniversary’ of blogging! Keep on having fun and we’ll keep on reading!!


  7. Way to go on the blogging anniversary! I had to take a look to figure out how long I have been at it……In april it will be four years.
    I have also debated quitting but I think I would miss the connections I have made!


    1. It is a special international community, isn’t it!?
      Four years is a great milestone. I’ve read that the average duration of most blogs is less than the lifespan of a fruit fly… or maybe I made that statistic up. It is hard to keep track of so much information…

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  8. Congratulations and thanks for the laughs. I’ve only been blogging for four years but it has become an enjoyable passion, a way of ensuring that the small pleasures of life don’t get forgotten as quickly. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I headed over to yours – what an adventure! I’m impressed!

      Husband and I travelled quite a bit when we lived overseas (Britain and Qatar) so I sure understand the desire to visit new places. My eldest daughter and her two teens spent almost an entire year chasing the sun around the world – a much bigger challenge than our travels ever were… except, of course, we had the challenge of actually living in a foreign country and my husband had the challenge of working there.

      Now that I’m 15 years older, I’m content with more mundane travel. There is so much to see closer to home (Alberta in the summer, Arizona in the winter!)

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  9. Not only are you highly visible, you’re one of the sanest and most congenial voices out there, and I, personally, am always grateful for your presence. I’m shocked, too: I just checked, and my first blog post was dated 03-30-10, which means I am rapidly approaching my own 10th year blogging anniversary– which is clearly impossible!! Time flies when you’re in a coma, I guess… 😊


  10. Congrats on your stick-to-it-iveness! That is impressive. I’ve just finished scrapbooking our boys first 18 years (they are in their late 30s) and their baby books recently, and my 2 wk vaca in Hawaii in 1996 with a girlfriend.. I am now as far as deciding which one to tackle next – I think my 18-marriage years. AND, even more impressive, I have a big file box where I am sorting all the paper ‘stuff’ I have saved all my life. Letters, your girls’ drawings, journals, paper clippings, cartoons, etc etc etc. Wish me luck and long life to finish them!


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