Crane Fly

Bug Bits
Name: Crane Fly
Family: Tipulidae
Native to: Crane Flies are found throughout the world, though individual species may have a limited range.
Date Seen: July 2016
Location: North of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Notes: A Crane Fly has a pair of membranous wings, large compound eyes, and very long legs. Many types of Crane Flies do not eat when in their adult stage.

They look like oversized mosquitoes…


  1. Great photos. These spindly legged critters aren’t easy to get into focus.
    You know, it’s interesting that an adult insect doesn’t eat. I read that some types of adult fireflies don’t eat anything at all. Nature is so amazing.


    • I’m going to have to look for fireflies! I remember them from when I was a kid, but haven’t seen them for years. Thanks for the reminder to find out more about them!


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